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Dear Friends,

Our life's purpose - and absolute JOY - is to serve others with integrity, compassion and the best healing services and products available. Since 1993, we've been blessed with opportunities to empower tens of thousands of clients and students to live happier, healthier, pain-free lives. We do this by continually upgrading our techniques and inventing new tools and processes to support individuals and practitioners in becoming their best. When Creator speaks, we listen is a guiding phrase we strive to live out daily. Our practice is now international, and we support 85% of our private clients via telephone, Zoom or Skype.

Sue's Medical Intuitive Readings (more than 9,000 to date) and countless more healing sessions continue to astound medical professionals and clients of all ages and backgrounds. Her intuitive accuracy and detail are celebrated as comparable or transcending that of Caroline Myss and the late Edgar Cayce. Our Medical Intuitive Group Healings are offered in-person or remotely, and open to all (you need not be a private client or student). We invite you to check out Sue's podcast, Medical Intuitive Insights with Sue Singleton: It's All in the Details! on Spotify and Anchor, and visit our Training and Events Calendar for our teaching and healing topics and locations.

On our other websites, you'll discover how you can improve your health with Biomorphic Geometry energy healing, Tower Garden wholesome food, and powerful Juice Plus fruits and vegetables.

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Wishing you Love and Light,

Sue and Aaron Singleton, Founders

Sue & Aaron Singleton's Book is available as a paperback or E-book!

CLICK HERE to buy the paperback or E-book directly from  CLICK HERE to purchase the paperback or E-book directly from Barnes & Noble. Also, we've created a companion a BioMorphic Geometry Design E-Booklet For use with the book to enhance your experience with ALL NINE universal laws.

To get the E-Booklet, click on the "Add to Cart" PayPal button below. Please note: your purchased E-booklet will be e-mailed to you, so keep an eye on your inbox! Allow up to a few days, in case we are not in the office to send it immediately.

Biomorphic Geometry (BMG) is a ground-breaking new science and technology discovered and developed by Aaron Singleton, Visionary Inventor/Intuitive Healer and Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive/Healer, Co-Founders of The Way To Balance, LLC. BMG is based on the subtle energy principles of creating resonant frequencies through form, space, numbers and exact geometric proportion.

Special Companion to the Book - (VALUE: $59) Available for $22:
BioMorphic Geometry Design E-Booklet with ALL NINE Universal Laws

The Way to Balance, LLC, Center For Advanced Healing and Training is your complete source for state-of-the-art holistic healing and alternative healing tools and services. The practitioners' goal is to help you find and resolve the Root Cause of any unresolved illnesses or condition that you are experiencing in your life. Since 1993, clients worldwide have benefited from The Energy of Life® (EOL), an innovative process of facilitated holistic healing and alternative self-healing developed by Center founders Aaron and Sue Singleton. This process assists people with their own health and well-being, through an exclusive collection of holistic healing services, alternative healing and self-empowerment workshops and holistic healing products. Alternative Healing

Did you know that TWTB has a YouTube channel? You can subscribe and know when we post new videos! The channel name is: TheWayToBalanceLLC.

Here is the latest YouTube video, about the nine universal laws. It joins our other videos on BioMorphic Geometry, Enhancing Your Intuition with Discernment, and other favorites. Enjoy, and please comment!

TWO new products launched! "Embrace Your Emotions as Your Allies" emotional alchemy CD with Sue Singleton. ORDER HERE:

"Biomorphic Geometry (BMG) Master BALANCE Card" Kit for state of the art healing. ORDER HERE:
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Here is Aaron playing the Tibetan Bowls, which is a very healing mini-session. Sit back and enjoy!

Our Introduction to The Way To Balance, YouTube video has been re-located to the ABOUT US button on this site.

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