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The Energy of Life Visionary Acupressure System
Workshop Series

A fusion of Ancient & Modern Techniques for Incredible Results!

What is the Energy of Life Visionary Acupressure System?
Developed by EOL Founders Sue and Aaron Singleton, the EOL Visionary Acupressure System is a fusion of ancient and modern techniques that makes a quantum leap to address the direct frequencies of trauma and illness. This cutting edge system targets specific energy frequencies of physical and psycho-physical tension patterns throughout the body without relying solely on the traditional linear meridian flows. Applying these unique concepts and protocols often results in deeper and more rapid release of cellular memory and trauma, i.e., the Root Cause.

EOL Visionary Acupressure is a powerful yet easy to learn self-help workshop that encourages self-awareness, body-mind connections, spiritual and emotional transformation. This class prepares practitioners to take their clients to the next level of healing.


Workshops are open to practitioners and laypersons. Each module includes in-class contact hours, plus experiential practicum assignments to complete and submit for the remaining credits. Earn 36 Contact Hours per module; a workbook manual is included.

In this Self-Help Workshop Series, you will:
  • Learn a process to facilitate the body's natural healing response that complements ALL healing modalities.
  • Learn to locate 60 acu-points through basic anatomical relationships.
  • Learn to release the stress patterns that may cause anxiety, depression, phobias, anger issues, etc.
  • Learn to induce a relaxation response in the body, allow the body to move more freely, to apply for yourself, family and clients.
  • Experience the difference between linear and 360° energy techniques on the body.
  • Learn protocols that may eliminate headaches, migraines, neck, hip and back pain, reduce asthma, gas reflux, constipation and other pelvic issues.
  • Learn dialoguing techniques to help you maximize the benefits of your sessions.


** Module 1 is the prerequisite module of series**
Modules 2, 3, and 4 may be taken in ANY order once prerequisite Module 1 is completed

Level I, Module 1 - **Foundational Class of Series**
  • Overview of Traditional Acupressure
  • EOL Frequency-based 360° Acupressure vs. other acupressure systems
  • Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Energy System and Activation
  • Locate 60 EOL Acupressure Points on the body
  • Locate and use EOL Acu-Points to:
    • Release Fear/Anxiety/Stress/Overwhelm/Panic
    • Balance Chakra/Endocrine Systems
    • Enhance Spiritual Awakening
    • Perform Grounding Sequence
    • Learn to release emotional trauma and tension lodged in the body

Level I, Module 2
  • Learn highly-effective point sequences to:
    • Release Guilt, Shame, Remorse, Blame, Regret
    • Increase Cellular Resonance within the body
    • Release General Emotional Patterns
    • Perform Head, Neck, Arm and Shoulder Releases
  • Explore Dialoguing with the Body to achieve Emotional Release, and more
Level I, Module 3
    Learn highly-effective point sequences for:
    • Chest Release Segment
    • Abdomen/Diaphragm Release Segment
  • Locate and use EOL Acu-Points to:
    • Release Anger/Resentment/Frustration/Impatience
    • Relieve Endocrine Dysfunction
    • Release Ego/Control/Judgment and more!
  • Learn EOL Enhancement Techniques to Amplify Energy at each Point
  • Further EOL Dialoguing and Releasement Techniques
Level I, Module 4
  • Learn highly-effective point sequences for:
    • Pelvis/Lower Back/Hips/Legs Release Segment
  • Locate and use EOL Acu-Points to:
    • Release Sadness/Loss/Grief/Disappointment/Longing
    • Enhance Immune System
  • Learn Acu-Points to Enhance Intuitive Clarity
  • Plus, discover more EOL Enhancement Techniques with Aromatherapy, Crystals and Net-Neutral Ionic Vibrational Tools

Level II EOL Visionary Acupressure includes DNA and Light-Body Transition Sequences, Organ Systems, Chi Regulator, Electro-Magnetic Releases and Calibrations, and more. (Completion of Level I 144 contact hours is prerequisite)

Level III EOL Visionary Acupressure includes Cross-Dimensional EOL Acupressure, Intuitive Acupressure, working with Energy Cysts, and More! (Completion of Levels I and II contact hours is prerequisite)

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