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The Stone Play" Tools for Healing and Intention

What are Stone Play" Tools for Healing and Intention?
The Stone Play" Tools are innovations by Aaron and Sue Singleton that are designed to harness and apply non-force energy technology using specially-developed Stone Play Layout Mats" and a variety of natural crystals and/or The Rings of Oden". By placing crystals and/or Rings in various Sacred Geometry Designs on the Stone Play Layout mats (or on the body, as with Egypt Stone Play), the Stone Play Tools help to manifest healing, intention, and general goodwill. These tools greatly amplify any work you may do with The Law of Manifestation. The Law of Attraction, and other Universal Laws.

How the Stone Play" Tools Work:
Stone Play" Tools create simple yet powerful vortices using a combination of crystal formations, Rings of Oden formations, and more. For example, various configurations have been pre-designed to create the energy and resonance for opening, balancing and healing the Second Chakra, as well as connecting with the Oneness / Centering with the Divine, plus recreating the energy frequencies of sacred spaces such as Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, The Great Pyramid, and more!

How to Use Crystals and Rings Of Oden with the Stone Play" Mats:

Workshops and Books:
Stone Play" and The Rings of Oden" are taught as workshops by Aaron and Sue Singleton, along with many other workshop topics. Special Stone Play" layouts will be featured in their upcoming book, Nine Simple Laws to Manifest Joy and Grace, empowering everyone to work with the Universal Laws in a fun and simple manner. In addition, they are writing a book entirely about Stone Play, with over 5 dozen Layout Designs.

Introductory Kit for Home Use (Stone Play" & Ring of Oden Layout Mat Introductory Kit)
Stone Play" is dynamic -- with virtually endless possibilities for creating and manifesting intention through your arrangement of various crystals and Rings of Oden. In addition, you may also use (or PLAY with!) your choice of crystals, and/or crystals in conjunction with the Rings of Oden when using your Stone Play" Layout Mat.

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Egyptian Stone Play" Tools - See Egyptian Energy Healing Tools

Stone Play" Workshops - Come experience and learn simple yet powerful vortices you can create with specific crystal formations! This workshop is for anyone who likes to have fun, learn, and be empowered, at the same time. Open to EVERYONE! Bring a friend and let's PLAY!

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Super-Charged Quartz Crystals and Matrix Kit

DESCRIPTION: ALL-INCLUSIVE KIT includes: An 8-inch vinyl Matrix mat, layout and usage instructions and six (6) Super-Charged Programmed Clear Quartz Crystals. (EOL Essential Oil pictured in Matrix is not included.) The specialized Super-Charged Quartz Crystals in this kit have been cleared, energized and programmed with The EOL Net-Neutral Ion Generator and other EOL techniques. This unique process greatly increases the energy amplification benefits of the crystals, well beyond the typical amplification traits of quartz. Conventional quartz crystals do not possess the powerful, benefit-enabling properties of these uniquely programmed Super-Charged Clear Quartz Crystals.

When placed at various positions in the matrix, the crystals create a 360-degree energy vortex, with a radius of 20 feet (40-foot diameter) for the 6-inch circle, and 35 feet (70-foot diameter) for the 8-inch circle. This vortex amplifies the energy of whatever products or objects are placed in the center of the circle, such as essential oils, other crystals, medications, liniments, vitamins, herbs, written intentions, and more. (Kit includes suggestions of what to place in the matrix.)

SIZE: All-inclusive kit contains an 8-inch vinyl mini-matrix mat, layout and usage instructions and 6 Super-Charged Programmed Clear Quartz Crystals.

PRICE: $ 49

AVAILABILITY: Buy NOW via PayPal, OR visit or call The Way To Balance, LLC at 978-834-0341

Stone Play" Creation Spiral Labyrinth Mat Kit (7 designs & instructions including hand positions (mudras); no crystals)

DESCRIPTION: A specially-designed mat featuring sacred geometry, crystals and the Fibonacci spiral to create the "Signature" Labyrinth for Manifestation of your ideals, goals, and affirmations. Works extremely well with the Law of Attraction and other Universal Laws. The set also includes layouts to Manifest Sexual-Spiritual Harmony within You, Create Light-Body DNA Changes for Optimal Health, Manifest Abundance/Prosperity/Financial Freedom in Your Life, For Couples: Enhance Your Relationship, Attract/Manifest Your Ideal Life Partner, and Remember the Wisdom of your Soul. Set contains instructions for Hand Positions to enhance your experiences with the 7 layouts. Hand positions are called Mudras in some spiritual practices, which focus the energy and intention of the exercises.

SIZE: Kit contains a 22-inch square vinyl Creation Spiral Labyrinth, a 9-page user-friendly instruction packet with 7 layouts and hand positions (Mudras). NOTE: Crystals are not included, but may be purchased separately as an Optional Crystal Kit.

PRICE: $ 79

AVAILABILITY: Buy NOW via PayPal or visit or call The Way To Balance, LLC at 978-834-0341

Optional Crystal Kit for use with Stone Play" Creation Spiral Labyrinth

DESCRIPTION: 82 crystals: 4 Angelite, 4 Blue Lace Agate, 2 Carnelian, 3 Chrysocolla, 4 Chrysoprase, 3 Citrine, 12 Clear Quartz, 1 Fluorite, 4 Garnet, 8 Hematite, 1 Jade, 4 Kyanite, 8 Labradorite, 1 Lapis Lazuli, 4 Malachite, 1 Moonstone, 4 Rhodonite, 4 Rose Quartz, 4 Selenite, 1 Serpentine, 3 Tourmaline, 2 Unakite.

SIZE: Crystal sizing varies; total 82 crystals

PRICE: Varies; call for current pricing

AVAILABILITY: Buy NOW via PayPal or visit or call The Way To Balance, LLC at 978-834-0341

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