Alternative Healing
20th Anniversary Celebration

One-Day Workshops

By Sue and Aaron Singleton

Sue and Aaron Singleton present workshops at their Center and at privately-contracted venues throughout New England as well across the nation. To discuss details or schedule a workshop for your group of laypersons or practitioners please contact us.

Workshop TITLES:
See below for detailed descriptions

  • Access Your Divine Blueprint with Ease and Grace
  • Introduction to Medical Intuition: Specialty Model Within Complementary Medicine
  • Healing at The Speed of Light
  • Tools for Intuitive Enhancement and Introduction to Discernment
  • Attain Freedom from Anxiety, Overwhelm & Worry!
  • Connect with YOUR Past Lives in Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria


Access Your Divine Blueprint with Ease and Grace

Instructed by The Energy of Life®, BioMorphic Geometry", and Rings of Oden" Founders, Aaron and Sue Singleton. An amazing day of transformation, focused on removing obstacles and transmuting critical life issues, in order to move forward more easily in our personal, professional and spiritual development. The Singletons incorporate BioMorphic Geometry", some of their other Energy of Life® Transformative Tools and Techniques, Rings of Oden", time-line regression, aromatherapy, Stone Play" and much more, for a unique multi-dimensional experience with these master healers and teachers.

The Singletons have chosen a number of critical life issues to focus on moving past during this workshop: I am Worthy, Truth, Structure, Victimhood, Ego, Peace, Joy, Inner Harmony, I am, From the Heart of God to the Heart of Man, and Release Judgment.

  • Truth - explore the truth of who you truly are versus what you have been told
  • Structure - do you serve structure, or does structure serve you?
  • Victimhood - release your stories that keep you enslaved to your past
  • Ego - Let go of my Eggo! (ergo ego)
  • Judgment - release judgment to open the door to Truth
  • Participants say:
    "This has been a powerful, life-altering day! Thank you cannot adequately express my gratitude!"

    "This is hands-down the BEST workshop I have ever experienced. And, I have been to many, many workshops over the years."

    Introduction to Medical Intuition: Specialty Model Within Complementary Medicine

    Sue Singleton defines Medical Intuition versus Psychic abilities in general, and compares and contrasts several "evaluation models" including Medical Intuitive, Allopathic Medicine, Psychic or Clairvoyant, Aura and Chakra Reading.

    Participants learn about:

    • Intuitive gifts and the Perception Pathway Model
    • The Discernment Scale
    • A brief historical perspective on Edgar Cayce
    • To differentiate between a full Medical Intuitive "Reading" and "Intuitive Healing"
    • What is required for a Reading to be defined as Medical Intuitive
    • Legal aspects and responsibilities

    Students will perform a number of experiential exercises, including:
    • Determining their discernment level of consciousness
    • Methodologies
    • Practice to enhance details, anatomy, and more

    Sue H. Singleton, Co-Founder of The Way To Balance, LLC, Medical Intuitive, Master Hypnotherapist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Energy of Life® Master Therapist and Teacher

    An internationally recognized Medical Intuitive with accuracy and detail many say is beyond Edgar Cayce's, Sue has performed more than 7,000 Readings, in addition to healing work. Her keen insights into the Root Cause of illness, disease or dysfunction continue to astound those who experience her Medical Intuitive Readings and EOL Healing sessions.

    A Master Healer-Teacher, Sue combines over 40 modalities of energy healing, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, cranio-sacral therapy, integrative bodywork, acupressure, and more, for physical recovery, emotional healing and personal transformation of her clients. Sue's Readings and healing work are done both in-person and distantly via telephone.

    This training is open to medical or alternative healthcare practitioners who want to gain a better understanding of Medical Intuition, or to get a sense of their own Medical Intuitive potential, as well as to laypersons. Individuals interested in further Medical Intuitive Training with Sue will be required to complete the 7-Module I.D.E.A.L. Process Training program. 9.6 Contact Hours, certificate confirming contact hours by request.

    Healing at the Speed of Light

    Scientific pioneers including Drs. John Ott, Jacob Lieberman and Fritz-Albert Popp have proven the importance of color, light and bio-photon energy for influencing human health and DNA. Learn the science and history of color therapy, understand mal-illumination and the illnesses/diseases it can lead to, and what effect color or light therapy has on viruses and bacteria. Discover cutting-edge techniques to enhance the effectiveness of color and light therapies to heal illness, emotional issues, and rejuvenate the body.

    Things you should know about the science supporting the use of light as therapy:

    • A Nobel Prize in Science was awarded for curing Tuberculosis with light therapy
    • Hospital and University Studies demonstrate that light therapy reduces the symptoms of migraines and arthritis
    • Your body emits 10 photons of light per square centimeter per second. What you eat can increase or decrease your light emissions
    • Fluorescent light promotes melanoma. How many fluorescent bulbs are in your home or office environment?
    • UV light is a proven blood cleanser: it kills bacteria, viruses, and more
    • How sunglasses promote illness
    • Why sunscreen may promote cancer
    • Which vitamins and minerals require sunlight to fully absorb
    This workshop separates fact from fiction about light. Discover Aaron and Sue Singletons simple techniques to reduce pain, inflammation, stress/anxiety, and to improve your health and rejuvenate your body. Learn how to amplify the resonance of photon energy and frequencies using net-neutral ionic tools, and more.

    Open to laypersons and healthcare professionals, 7.2 contact hours. No pre-requisites!

    Tools for Intuitive Enhancement and Introduction to Discernment

    Intuitive detail and accuracy are very important with the practice of intuitive arts and energy techniques. What are YOUR intuitive pathways and strengths? Visual, auditory, kinesthetic? What does your preferred pathway mean? Do emotions or your mind affect your level of accuracy and detail? How ACCURATE are your intuitive insights? Aaron Singleton will teach you how to evaluate where your answers come from, discover possible blockages to your intuition being enhanced and heightened to its highest potential. Experiential exercises will begin to help you let the "mud drop out" of your intuitive answers. You will learn what discernment is, and various practical ways to apply the principles of discernment in your daily life, your career and your spiritual growth and development. Aaron teaches with inspired humor and grace, and believes that everyone has the birthright to "direct-connect" with our Creator, Universal Consciousness, God. Learn how, and have fun while learning!

    The Joy of Living Free of Anxiety and Worry!

    Do you get overwhelmed, stressed out, or tend to worry about things? Do you suffer from anxiety attacks? This workshop provides you with practical, empowering solutions so you can experience the joy of living free of anxiety and worry. In this lively experiential workshop, you will learn to:

    • EXPLORE the hidden gifts of fear, stress, overwhelm, worry, and more
    • ENGAGE your anxieties as Allies/Helpers
    • CREATE more beneficial bio-chemicals in your brain and body without medications or supplements
    You will discover and learn:
    • Which supplements (if needed) are appropriate
    • How seemingly minor emotional events from earlier in your life may still be affecting you today
    • Emotional habits and patterns can literally get stuck in the tissues of your body
    • Glandular and visceral responses to stress can change your body's bio-chemistry and affect your health
    • Different emotions manifest in unique psycho-physiological ways within your body and brain
    • Emotions can control your decision-making
    Aaron and Sue Singleton will teach you techniques from their own system, The Energy of Life® Integrative Healing Process, and give you tools to help you in your everyday life and circumstances. This adventure inward includes utilizing sound frequencies, music, meditation, hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, Rings of Oden Net-Neutral Ionic tools, and more.

    Is your brain "hard-wired" for stress? This experiential workshop can help YOU change your brain and your body!

    NO PREREQUISITES! 7.2 contact hours.

    Connect with YOUR Past Lives in Egypt, Atlantis and Lemuria

    Join Aaron and Sue Singleton for a fascinating hypno-meditative journey back through time, via the use of hypnotherapy, The Rings of Oden, Stone Play crystals, sound tools, energy vortices, and more! This may well be the most powerful and complete past life experience you have ever been part of! This multi-sensory format is also a phenomenal introduction for anyone who has never experienced past-life regression. Imagine all the possibilities!

    Participants say:
    "I have never had such an amazing experience as this!.I received many more past-life insights than I had previously with other regressions."

    "I thought I wouldn't be able to experience or know of these things. Your combining of so many different techniques and tools really opened me up! Thank you so much for a great day."

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    What Students are Saying:

    "A blessing to the holistic community--and a bridge for the AMA to cross."
    - PW, Healthcare Practitioner

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