Alternative Healing
20th Anniversary Celebration

The Energy of Life I.D.E.A.L. Process
For Creating a Life You Love!

Life-Changing Intuitive Development Training with Internationally-Renowned Medical Intuitives, Master Healers and Teachers Sue & Aaron Singleton

Simple to learn but produces powerful results!
Appropriate for both laypersons and health professionals
No prior intuitive training or experience is required

IMPORTANT NOTE: For the first time ever, this unique and powerful training is available all over the U.S. and abroad, thanks to the Zoom Webinar Platform! See other details below.

If You Desire to:

  • Become your own health intuitive and advocate for yourself and your loved ones
  • Become an animal communicator
  • Become an intuitive gardener or landscaper
  • Enjoy your life to the fullest
  • Improve your cooking skills with intuition
  • Enhance your managerial and consulting skills with intuition
  • Improve the accuracy and detail of psychic readings, mediumship, aura/chakra readings, dowsing/pendling
  • Learn an easier way to make decisions and choices - both large and small
  • Tune in for yourself to see through the hype or false information from others
  • Improve your skills as a Reiki or Pranic healing practitioner, teacher, talk therapist, lawyer, mom, dad, physical therapist, massage therapist, doctor, nurse or other healthcare provider
  • Determine your life purpose and learn to live more consciously in alignment with your life ideals
  • Improve the quality of communication and interaction in your personal and business relationships...
  • Then JOIN us for an incredible season of learning in a fun way!

Series Overview--You Will Learn:

  • Simple yet life-changing intuitive and energy techniques
  • To apply the other 8 crucial Universal Laws that make The Law of Attraction work
  • How to use aromatherapy, sound and color therapies to enhance healing
  • To release blockages and improve your intuition using Energy Of Life techniques
  • How to awaken to your life's purpose by establishing "Spiritual Ideals"
  • To discover how and where your emotions are stored, and how to engage them as allies
  • Self-healing techniques to identify/release residues of electrical stimulation, MRI, Chemo, X-rays, and more
  • To clear your cellular memory of physical traumas, illness residues, and toxins
  • To practice the EOL Discernment Process, to recognize TRUTH, versus what you read or hear

This powerful series of 7 modules is designed to develop and heighten the accuracy and detail of your intuition. The consecutive modules build upon each other and therefore must be "attended" (via Zoom) in sequence. This series will strengthen your intuitive abilities, attune you to your highest energetic potential, and help you experience a healing transformation that will enhance all aspects of your life. You will learn practical and powerful tools for enriching your everyday life and career, and for healing yourself and others.

Workbook manual included, earn 9.6 Contact Hours per Module.
Certificate upon completion of all 7 Modules.
MODULE 1: Life Empowerment Through Intuition

Professional and personal awakening via a totally unique process that may be used alone, or to enhance Reiki, Pranic Healing or other modalities. You will:
  • Discover how Sue became a medical intuitive and how Aaron founded The Energy of Life® (EOL") Integrative Healing Process
  • Be introduced to the theme of this series: quantum physics and quantum biology, step by step
  • Learn why the EOL Process is unique in accessing intuitive insights
  • Understand why "direct-connect" in spiritual and intuitive terms is critical, if you want to be accurate
  • Gain a perspective on the body as an energy system - the chakras and the endocrine system
  • Receive The EOL Energy Attunement and Activation, Level 1 from the Singletons
  • Discover the EOL-specific and unique energy flow patterns to empower heightened Divine Connection while fully grounded in the physical
  • Learn how to activate and use the EOL Process for yourself to fully activate cellular memory, which allows you to begin The I.D.E.A.L. Process bio-chemical transformation
  • Practice applying the EOL techniques to evaluate the quality of food and supplements
  • Learn to properly clear food and beverages
  • Practice clearing toxins, MRI, anesthesia, pollutants, etc. from the body after ingestion
  • Use EOL techniques to balance and optimize your chakras and aura
  • Learn to apply the EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process to your daily life activities, and more

IMPORTANT NOTE: This module is prerequisite for the I.D.E.A.L. Process Intuitive Development Workshop Series.

MODULE 2: Intuitive Self-Diagnosis & Introduction to the Singleton Medical Intuitive Root Cause Model

Derived from proven aspects of Biology and Quantum Physics, these easy to apply EOL techniques shed new perspective on human biology, the interrelationship of all matter within the body, and neuro-chemical responses. You will:

  • Learn how emotions affect your body, endocrine, neurological, musculo-skeletal and immune systems
  • See the mind as builder
  • Learn about cellular memory, memories and imprints in the various energy fields
  • Understand sensory perceptions and intake of stimuli
  • Discover the framework for The EOL Process for Disease and Illness
  • Comprehend the exclusive 9-category Singleton Medical Intuitive Root Cause Model and explore the details of each category
  • Delve into spiritual and karmic patterns and how they may influence your current health and happiness
  • Apply techniques to scan your own body for root cause(s)
  • Learn EOL techniques to release harmful residual side effects of electrical stimulation, MRI, chemotherapy and X-Ray
  • Learn where emotions are stored and how physical and emotional traumas and other factors affect your health and require release.
  • Learn EOL techniques to clear cellular memory of physical traumas, illness residues, and environmental toxins.
PREREQUISITES: Module 1, as well as the required pre-work for this module

I.D.E.A.L. Process Module [3]: Empowered Self-Healing Through Dialoguing with Your Body

The potential for self-healing lies within our own bodies.

  • Receive the EOL Attunement to awaken the 8th chakra and heighten full cellular memory activation within the physical body
  • Understand sensory perceptions and the emotional and analytical pathways in the brain
  • Learn techniques to enhance intuitive flow and expand information detail
  • Discover the role of the limbic system (where emotions are stored and processed in the brain) and unique ways to work with vibrational tools, color, sound, EOL Aromatherapy, EOL net-neutral ionic technology (including the Rings of Oden) and EOL BioMorphic Geometry tools for healing
  • Learn EOL Framework and steps for viewing the healing process
  • Understand the 4 normal phases of healing
  • Discover the stages of healing for internalized traumas, when the normal 4-phase process did not occur
  • Embrace Your Emotions as Allies (Experiential, MP3 or CD)
  • Apply the EOL Process for Self-Healing of Unresolved Emotional Patterns
  • Unlock your potential for self-healing and establish resources outside yourself for healing
PREREQUISITES: Modules 1 and 2, as well as the required pre-work for this module.

I.D.E.A.L. Process Module [4]: Create Life Ideals & Develop Tools for Manifestation and Protection

Learn the street-smart tools you need to reach your full spiritual, mental and physical potential!

  • Explore the role that Ideals play in your life
  • Create your personal Ideal to guide you through life
  • Learn why nitric oxide, the feel good molecule bridges and connect part of the brain to help increase the body-mind connections
  • Quantify the most important qualities in relationships regarding friends, mentors, partners, etc.
  • Gain a clearer understanding of why you need spiritual and energetic protection, and which simple energetic tools offer the best protection
  • Experience the power of your personalized name affirmation in the EOL Creation Spiral
  • Learn how to manifest thoughts and ideas into the physical using the EOL Creation Spiral Attunement
  • Simple is not always easy: learn why
  • Discover how to reach your full spiritual, mental and physical potential

Prerequisites: IDEAL (1-3), as well as the required pre-work for this module

I.D.E.A.L. Process Module [5]:
Intuitive Discernment: The Real Quantum Leap to A Successful and Fulfilling Life!
Activate Your Own Sacred Heart, Discover Its Wisdom and Power.

You will:

  • Learn the importance of Discernment and Innocent Perception
  • Experience inner child healing
  • Discover how to stop relying on others for answers about YOU
  • Recognize where your answers come from: Learn the difference between relying on guides, intermediaries, and angels versus connecting directly with God/Source
  • Understand how the mind and emotions may inhibit truth
  • Experience the benefits of Discernment and your BS-Detector in practical daily applications
  • Discover and discern the wisdom of your own Sacred Heart by learning EOL Discernment Exercises
  • Practice Discernment in Action exercises
  • Learn how to use discernment in your daily life, as a new way of life
  • Apply techniques including Universal Consciousness and Accuracy, The Sacred Heart and the Heart s Intelligence, and The Sacred Heart Meditation.
  • Learn how mindfulness and focus are a must for an intuitive
  • Explore Universal Truth: look beyond the hype
  • Learn a special EOL triangulation technique to enhance your intuition

Prerequisites: IDEAL (1-4), as well as the required pre-work for this module

I.D.E.A.L. Process Module [6]:
Heighten Discernment and Engage Nine Crucial Universal Laws for Manifestation

Logic must be tempered by the wisdom of our hearts

This pivotal class shares techniques to help you apply nine Universal Laws and increase your intuitive accuracy and discernment level. You will learn to:

  • Release emotional charges to improve intuition
  • Receive a special blessing to clear emotional energies
  • Learn how to enter the Sacred Heart through a special prayer to activate direct-connect with Creator
  • Explore the seven remarkable dimensions of the Heart's intelligence
  • Examine the potential risks of opting to channel instead of attaining discernment
  • Experience the power of the nine universal laws with BioMorphic Geometry
  • Experience a higher level of spiritual understanding and wisdom through expanding your Sacred Heart
  • Follow the steps and discernment protocols with the EOL Process
  • Protect yourself in the passages of consciousness
  • Move beyond the conscious mind, logic, and structure
  • Personally access the Akashic Records through safe, guided meditation with Sue and Aaron Singleton

Prerequisites: IDEAL (1-5), as well as the required pre-work for this module

Module 7 of 7: The EOL and I.D.E.A.L. Process as Quantum Physics in Action ---
Integrate and realize the Quantum Physics, Biology and Psycho-Neuro-Immuno-Endocrinology aspects
in a simple and fun format!

You will learn to:

  • Expand your practice using the EOL Process for Self-Healing
  • Activate EOL® Flow in others
  • Heal and empower others with EOL Techniques and Protocols
  • Appreciate the power of thought forms and intentions
  • Deepen your understanding of physical and emotional trauma in the body
  • Discover the Quantum Physics of brain hard-wiring, neuronal entanglement, psycho-neuro-immuno-endocrinology and how it all works in the body
  • Practice emotional release procedures using EOL techniques for dialoguing with the body
  • Apply the Singleton Medical Intuitive Root Cause Model to determine the root cause(s) of dis-ease, pain or dysfunction
  • Experience a meditation that helps turn negative emotions into allies
  • Learn practical ways to release panic attacks, phobias, anxieties, frustration, resentment, sadness, grief, shame and guilt
  • Be a part of a LIVE healing session with Aaron and Sue
  • Apply color, sound, aromatherapies, BioMorphic Geometry and Rings of Oden in a healing session
  • Utilize EOL hands-on energy and emotional body release protocols
  • Engage emotional release algorithms that bypass the brain and create powerful and lasting change

Prerequisites: IDEAL (1-6), as well as the required pre-work for this module


What Students are Saying:

"EOL coursework is very profound... Yet it's deceiving:
How straightforward and simple Aaron and Sue make it to learn. Discernment tools and easy format to apply in my daily life is a pleasant surprise."

- TK, (EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process Series)

"These workshops should come with a label-'Warning: Your life will never be the same!'"
- MW, Healthcare Practitioner (EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process Series)

"EOL has provided the answers I feel I have been searching for my whole life!"
- AC, (EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process Series)

About Your Instructors:
Sue Singleton
is an internationally recognized Medical Intuitive whose astonishing insights into the Root Causes of illness and disease has been enthusiastically compared with Caroline Myss and Edgar Cayce. Medical professionals and laypersons alike are astounded by the incredible detail and accuracy of Sue's medical intuitive readings. Examples of actual readings with Sue. From 1990 - present, Sue has performed over 9,000 Medical Intuitive Readings and tens of thousands of healing sessions both in-person and remotely for people across the U.S. and abroad. Her healing work combines dozens of modalities: exclusive Energy Of Life® (EOL") Integrative Healing Process as well as hypnotherapy, acupressure, cranio-sacral therapy, inner child work, color, sound and light therapies. See Sue's complete curriculum vitae here: (link will appear soon).

In 1993, Aaron Singleton founded The Energy Of Life® (EOL") Integrative Healing Process, which draws upon Divine guidance to activate the full cellular-memory response within a client's body during energetic initiation of The EOL Process. Aaron, an intuitive healer with keen medical intuitive insights, has performed tens of thousands of healing sessions on people--both in-person and remotely across the U.S. and abroad. He is widely recognized for extensive skills in physical and emotional-trauma release and body restructuring. Client successes are the result of his unique combination of skills and certifications in the following modalities: Acupressure, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Massage Therapy and Integrative Bodywork, and Color, Sound and Light Therapies. Additionally, many other techniques incorporated into The Energy Of Lifeâ Integrative Healing Process promotes healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual manifestations of "dis-ease", by helping clients identify and resolve the "root causes" of their issues. See Aaron's complete curriculum vitae here: (link will appear soon).

The Singletons have the distinct ability to facilitate healing for hundreds of people simultaneously--both in-person and remotely: spinal and cranial adjustments, physical and emotional trauma release, clearing of pathogen residues and toxins, pain-relief techniques and much more.

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