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At The Way To Balance, LLC we are proud of the work we do, and the products we provide. While we try our best to describe the benefits of our workshops, healing products and services, we often find that our clients and customers are the ones who say it best!

The following client and customer testimonials describe their experiences with our healing therapies, training and Energy of Life® products. For your convenience, we’ve organized them into four categories.

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If you have a testimonial about your experience with The Way To Balance, LLC that you’d like to share with others, we hope you will contact us. Thank you!

HEALING SERVICES – Client Feedback:

“I felt for so long that I have been fighting an uphill battle since my MRSA infection [Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria]. You are a special Angel. I feel that my life has begun anew! I love the changes that have occurred in my body. I’m clearer headed, my skin is suppler, my breathing is deeper, my muscles are stronger, and I just generally feel calmer inside and out. I can’t tell you the joy I feel in knowing that I am being guided in such a spiritual way. Family and friends have noticed a marked difference. Business associates and customers have all mentioned that I am glowing with happiness. Thank you so very much for all of your caring, blessings to all of you.”


“Just wanted to drop you a line and share with you that last night was the first time in months (maybe even years) that I sat, read the paper and watched TV without experiencing any neck pain!!!! Thank God for my grandson and his introducing me to The Way To Balance!! Will see you again in the near future for more miracles. P.S.: I also woke up this morning with NO neck pain!!! Goodbye and good riddance to the trauma that had caused me all these years of discomfort…”

Norma D.

“I would like to thank you with much gratitude and appreciation for the healing work we did. My life and health have been profoundly improved. The first few days after you released the trauma from my body, I was uncomfortable. Then, I noticed how good I felt, how “at home” I feel in this temple [my body]. I also do not feel “fat” anymore.

The clarity in my being brings joy to me, and those I meet notice it also. People I rarely see are noticing an enormous change in my being. With love, praise and gratitude.”


“What you have done for me…and my marriage cannot be imagined. Our sex life has been improved 1000%!”


“Aaron worked on my eyesight during one of my sessions. I felt a relaxed sensation around my eye, and the next day my left eye was “fuzzy” with my contact lens in. I went to my eye doctor, and he could not believe it: he said I no longer have any astigmatism, anywhere in my eye!”

Stephen L.

“After my healing work at The Way To Balance, I felt so light and “right”. Your loving way penetrated every cell of my soul and I felt safer than I can every remember feeling. I returned home a much more relaxed and attuned person. I felt that my soul had a spa day! I will take that over mud packs any day! I will make an appointment to come play again when I am in New England. I felt so at home. I also feel that you both are part of my life journey. You have already done so much for me. I have changed and am ready for more change. Thank you so much for …everything.”


"Two times in the past 10 years I felt like my life was over, my marriage was falling apart and I could not cope with unexplainable anxiety, tiredness, lack of purpose; I felt like a complete void inside and outside. Sue brought me back to life. The next day after her Medical Intuitive Reading, I woke up with a smile, full of energy and desire to live and create, a state which has not left me since. I knew from the Reading, "why" I felt this way, and her insights already began to help me feel better. I am following through with the healing process and her recommendations. Sue is a miraculous, sincere and loving healer and a wonderful person. Thank you very much. I love and enjoy my life now!"

- Stas T.

"We have two children with health issues and have sought medical intuitive readings with three different intuitives. Sue’s reading was, by far, the most precise. She answers your questions on all levels, emotional, spiritual, and physical. I highly recommend her loving assistance.”

Lynda C.

“I was skeptical of Sue’s work at first [when I initially arrived at The Way to Balance, LLC]. Although I had read, seen and witnessed the power of healing in the past, I was not sure if this was a “scam” or not. What impressed me in Sue’s reading was her accuracy. Because, you see, I have a rare auto-immune and liver disease most physicians don’t know about (PBC, or Primary Biliary Cirrhosis), never mind healers. Sue asks few questions before the reading and prefers all talking be done after the reading. She was able to pinpoint a scar or blockage from a car accident which isn’t readily visible. She pointed out the [primary Root Cause of my PBC] at age 6, an unresolved Sadness/Loss/Grief pattern that began when my parents divorced, which unfortunately became my specialty, [as deaths, losses and disappointments accumulated on top of the initial trigger] over the years. I was diagnosed with this rare autoimmune disease, PBC only 3 months after my grandfather died. Sue then continued with great accuracy to identify major points during my life. I was no longer a skeptic.

In some ways, identifying the root causes and recognizing them was the easy part. Now came the homework. The Way to Balance, LLC has been instrumental to my success and improvements in my health. In the six months since I started coming here, [many of my blood tests are already normal]; my key lab test which shows the progression of the PBC disease went from a high of 458 to 163. That lab value is almost in the “normal” range. I have also been able to clear up a fungal infection in my toe without “medicine”. For those of you who have experienced a fungal infection, you know how hard this is even with “traditional medicine”. I am working toward reversing the liver disease 100%, and have significantly less pain in the area of my liver than when we started. I know that two visits and a few supplements are not going to cure me. That is why I said identifying your ROOT CAUSES is the easy part. Resolving them is the path toward healing. Each visit I learn something new and realize what I need to work on to get to my end destination—no PBC.

The Way to Balance, LLC is just what the name implies. It is like Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken”. It is much more difficult to face your issues than to remain a victim of your disease and emotions. If you are facing a disease or condition, I challenge you to take the “road less taken”. I promise, it won’t be easy, but guarantee it will be worth it.”

– Kim S.

"When I first came to The Way to Balance, LLC, I was, as so many are, completely desperate for help. I had been very ill with a digestive problem for six years...every time I ate I felt as if I were being poisoned. My body no longer processed food. I was literally ill from malnutrition. I had had every test my doctors knew...upper GIs Lower GIs, scopes and medications...nothing helped...finally they tried to convince me that it was psychological! They even suggested removing my gall bladder "just to see" if it would help!

Sue took one look at me and diagnosed the problem. She was the first health care professional to say to me "You are going to feel better! She gave me a program of diet, herbs, and hydrotherapy. In less than a week my body began to work normally! My symptoms disappeared and have never returned. Today I am the picture of health. And I know that if I had never met Sue I would have been sick the rest of my life...because I was doing everything wrong! Now I am in touch with my body's needs, and have also been able to release a great deal of emotional stress thanks to the Energy of Life program. Aaron's body work literally changed the shape of my body! It now looks the way I always wished it would.

Since my healing, I have recommended several friends and family members to Sue and Aaron, and they too found it a life-altering healing experience. The Way to Balance, LLC truly gave me my life back!"

A million thanks!

Lauren Verge

I suffered with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for 15 years. Embarrassing moments, discomfort, and desperation plagued me, and I worried about cancer. I could not go anywhere that had no restroom, I would never dare to leave the house with food in my stomach, always hungry. I would often excuse myself multiple times at parties, meetings, work, etc. Vacations were very stressful, and were avoided. My family grew intolerant.

I sought help from numerous doctors, specialists, chiropractors, psychiatrists (it’s all in your head!), and was prescribed heavy duty drugs, and antidepressants, underwent quite invasive tests (at both ends!), and tried restrictive dieting. Nothing offered any hope or relief.

Then I made an appointment with Sue. ONE appointment gave me my health and my life back. The tears brought a huge release. My IBS was cured. I have been symptom-free for over 3 years, now. (Shame on me for not saying thanks sooner!)

These types of healings were completely foreign to me, and I am forever thankful to Sue and the guiding forces that led me to her. This miracle has changed my life forever.

– VF

"The Chief Pulmonologist MD said, ‘This is definitely NOT the same baby I saw before!’ After several MD Specialists, my daughter was failing and without hope, on several medications. A once dull and lifeless, listless baby now blossoms. She now glows with radiance, is bubbly and has become a very happy child since working with Sue and The Way to Balance, LLC. Sue and her group are wonderful. Thank you!"

– NM, Registered Nurse

"The Way to Balance, LLC has changed my life completely. I started going because I felt tired, physically drained and emotionally depressed. I also suffered back pain, bursitis, constant headaches, manic depression and trouble sleeping. I found out that my mind, body and spirit were disconnected thus causing a myriad of physical and emotional problems. After many sessions of hands on healing through the energy of life process and hypnotherapy and regression therapy, I got to the root cause of my problem, I had been sexually abused as a four year old child and my energy chakras were blocked. I had stored anger, fear, hatred, grief resentment, frustration, so much negative emotion, that my life was miserable and my mind and body carried the trauma. I have learned to release all that and forgive my past and live in the present. I have recreated my life and am now enjoying a balanced, energetic, peaceful lifestyle- No amount of medication or psychiatric counseling ever got to the true cause of all my problems- However, Aaron and Sue have been miracle healers for me. I am truly blessed to have found them and receive their healing touch."

– J.M.

"For 6 years, I had knotted muscles in my sacro-iliac joint which caused lameness and sciatic pain. This made exercise painful and sleep elusive. I was gaining weight and feeling lousy. I tried to get help from many health care practitioners, including three chiropractors, two osteopaths, two M.D.'s, two physical therapists, two NLP practitioners, two hatha yoga teachers, a shaman, and a spiritualist. And there were still others. Some provided temporary relief. None cured the problem. The problem was finally cured by Aaron Singleton, through his combination of therapies which included massage, counseling and hypnosis. Thanks, Aaron!"

Paul P.

" light I felt and how easily I could breathe. My feet hit the floor easier as my whole body aligned correctly for the 1st time in years, my shoulder strains...and back pain [were] completely gone. Sue and Aaron truly have gifts of healing from the Angelic realm. If I had not personally experienced it I would never have known quite why it is that people come from all over New England [and soon over the world] to experience their "Energy of Life® " healing... Following the healing I wept with gratitude with how light and healthy I felt. I also wept because it is the closest experience I have ever felt to being touched by the power of life!"

Deborah Joy Robinson

"...thank you for the miracle you performed on my knee....It has not given me one minute of pain since you healed it."

Linda C.

"Our two-year old son has had frequent respiratory problems. His chronic bronchitis seriously affected his breathing at times and emergency drugs were always kept on hand. Since the Singletons treated him, his bronchitis resolved within 24 hours and he has NEVER had a recurrence.

Since I was 18 years old, I've had persistent lower back pain. I've had excellent chiropractic care since I was a child. In recent years, I've been seeing a chiropractor 1-2 times a month routinely. My mom made an appointment for me with the Singletons with no specific problems in mind. Just for my well-being. After one treatment from Sue and Aaron, my back pain has completely resolved. I've even forgotten to see the chiropractor!"

Linda Keenan, RN, BSN
Pediatric Trauma Nurse

"Aaron helped me educate my body and spirit and release my Fibromyalgia pain."

Claire M.

"As a result of my sessions at The Way to Balance, LLC® , I have experienced healing of L-4 and L-5 Disc Degeneration [from 60% to 0% Degenerated], Angina Pectoris, Bi-lateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Thyroid Dysfunction, Chronic Cervical and Lumbar Pain, Plantar Tendinosus Pain of right heel, left Knee Pain, Peripheral Neuropathy [all extremities for 7 years], and release of 20+ years Hiatal Hernia, and other benefits."

Patricia Counts
Registered Nurse for 28 years

"With the number of medical problems I have, I was amazed at the accuracy of the [medical intuitive] diagnosis! It was a relief to have someone know I was in pain."

Jennifer W.

"I wanted to let you know about the tremendous results I have had with your healing. After two grand mal seizures in a six-month period, and no answer from the doctors as to why these would suddenly happen at 50 years of age, I came to you looking for answers. After three months of healing work with you and Aaron, I took an EEG test and not only was it normal, it looked like I had never had a seizure. You and Aaron found the answer and provided the cure....Thank you both for your commitment to the spiritual work you are performing. God bless you both."

Steve G.

"My daughter, Jennifer, has been chronically ill for years and lately has complained of whole body pain. Sue knew it immediately!"

Dorothea M.

"Sue and Aaron, angels say that you are the anchoring of the highest rays of God's love into a world that needs you."

Stevan J. Thayer
author of Interview with an Angel

"I must tell you that I feel I received a gift of cleansing and healing by letting go of all the tears buried deep inside. Little did I know that the dam would be broken to release all I felt was hidden, tucked away and under control......Thank you for your gentle, kind manner in giving me permission to let go of all my inner emotions. I also thank God for sending me to you and for God's guidance and healing."

Florence D.

"You spontaneously and kindly reached out at a time of need. A true example of the Christ Spirit."


"I feel as though I've been touched by the hands of God! My pain is gone."

Paula M.

"I felt as though I was floating on water, surrounded by Love."

Mary M.

"I was seeking a healer and massage therapist that would be patient with me, trustworthy and effective. I've found...more than I hoped for."

Cheryl S.

"...thank you for the love, care and faith you demonstrated as you helped me heal. I was very happy to give release to all of that....God has helped me considerably, putting the right people in my life at the right time; certainly you are a part of that experience and for that I am very grateful."



“I am having difficulty putting into words what has occurred for me since starting to use The Rings of Oden. My experiences have been on the subtle levels ranging from the spiritual realm, through the mental, emotional and into the physical manifestations. My body feels more vibrant and the “normal 80” [years old] does not fit me.

Working with the Left Spin water [created using a Rings of Oden configuration] excites me the most. I am using it on my eyelids instead of the [store-bought] eye drops for filmy, dry eyes. My eyesight is clearer. I already shared with you the amazing healing results of the Left Spin water on the red ring around a friend’s scab from a pre-cancerous cell removal.

To me, what is so unique about The Rings is that there is a spiritual quality about them that I do not find in other mechanical healing tools. They have a vital, natural energy of their own. They work with loving intent and light. Each configuration has a focus; a sacred geometric energy emanating from them. When I am working with clients, the Rings have been used unless there is a belief system to be cleared first.”


“The [EOL Sound Therapy CD Release Fear, Panic and Anxiety] is very powerful! The energy flowing into my hands and feet resembled your energy [during a healing session]. I started getting the feeling that I couldn’t continue, but kept going anyway. I started to tremble slightly as I released everything. I could feel my head and chest releasing the negative energy. My hands, legs and feet were like [prickly] needles. I felt slightly light-headed at the end of the session [so I sat quietly until everything settled].”


“Over the past 20 years I have experienced many tools and methods of support for healing and personal growth. Then two and a half years ago I met Aaron and Sue and have been grateful to have them in my life since. They have an authentic approach to healing support not often embodied and expressed in the world. I have experienced and trained in the systems of Visionary Acupressure and Rings of Oden and use the Mini-Matrix products with myself and others. Without question, these tools create not only an opportunity to support your own and others’ healing process, they support the awakening and embodiment of your own intuitive awareness and relationship with the life force which creates and sustains us.”

Ron D., Practitioner

“4 - years of pain in my hands and joints [following a major stroke] is GONE, two days after starting to use the [EOL] Ionic Silver Solution. It’s fantastic! Thank you!”


"WOW! The aromatherapy products I've used for 6-7 years don't deliver this intensity and energy! I USED to think the other line was excellent, but I've just graduated to a whole new level of energetic healing tools with the EOL Tools for Healing, and I am ready for them..."

Healthcare Practitioner
(and former user of a popular aromatherapy product line)

"Using a 1 to 10 rating scale on a radionics measurement device, these Energy Of Life Tools are an 11!!"

A Professional Dowser

"I had been suffering with morning (lower) back ache for over five years. I now do not have any morning back ache. It was removed completely after experiencing [The Energy Of Life®] CD entitled Release Anger, Resentment & Frustration. I had been holding the trauma of a nasty divorce for over five years in my lower back."

Russell J. Chimera

"In a business office environment, I walked past a desk. The stranger called out to me and asked me to come back for a moment. He said, 'an incredible aroma made me look up as you walked by. As I looked up, I saw a beautiful white light radiating all around your body! What on earth are you wearing?! I want some for my wife!' I told him I was wearing Love and Compassion, from The Energy of Life Products."

Thistle Miller

"I notice that when I wear Love and Compassion, strangers walking down the street smile at me and say 'hello'! I also feel a sense of calm and a lightness of being, whenever I wear it."

K. Walton

"I breathed in Fear Release Formula and released 45% of the fear load... After a few minutes' reflection, it had been reduced by 64% and I had an understanding of what was needed to clear it completely."

(Note: Client obtained the % data using an intuitive self-diagnosis technique taught in an Energy of Life® Workshop)

Lois .F

"Since using the Hair Stimulator Shampoo several months ago, my hair loss has slowed down, and the thin areas have filled in. I've also noticed that my hair now has more volume, and I no longer need hair conditioner, which is a miracle in itself!"

Deborah Cassidy, LMT/RM
(Also a former Hair Stylist for 20 years)

"I used the Chakra Activation Formula to sweep my aura and was startled at the visual clarity produced!"


"20-30 minutes after the Elixir, I felt heat in my shoulder area and the nagging pain went away."

Donna L.

"Egyptian Journey (Bath & Massage Oil) transported me to Egypt with you [Aaron & Sue]!"


"When I used to have Fibromyalgia, Citrus Cellular Detox greatly reduced my pain and that "toxic" feeling. I also found it to be great in the bath water, for the same effect."

K. A. W.

"I frequently use Love and Compassion, and feel a calming, soothing and balancing effect. Several people at work have noticed a brightness and visible light in my aura whenever I wear it."

B. Ahern

The Way to Balance, LLC WORKSHOPS & TRAINING Client Feedback:

In starting my own healing practice, I find myself so very grateful to both Sue and Aaron as I realize that the healing methods and the integrity and love with which they do their work is a guiding light for me and the foundation upon which I am building my practice. Both their classes (the EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process series, the Rings of Oden, Stone Play) and the energy [healing] sessions over the years have given my body-mind-spirit a new attunement of consciousness from which to experience life more fully aware. My body and subtle bodies have been "de-cluttered" from so many of the limitations that have stopped me in the past and I have a sense of spaciousness and possibility that fuels each day. I also have a wonderful set of tools and healing language to help process my own issues as they arise as well as those of my clients. My clients often ask me where I learned a particular healing technique and I always smile and say, " from Sue and Aaron Singleton, two extraordinary healers that I had the privilege to work with in Amesbury, MA."

- BJM Prescott, AZ

Since I was 15, I've been dealing with back pain. Then at 20, I fell two stories and suffered compression fractures in my vertebrae-even more severe pain. I couldn't sit through a movie without spending a day or two on my back. I attended the Rings of Oden Workshop as my first class at this conference after a painful 6 hour drive here. I am now without pain. Totally. Completely. I am on overdrive from my new-found freedom. The Rings of Oden are amazing, incredible and awesome. Thank you so much for the work you do.

- Rose Della Valle, Dover, Delaware

“Aaron personally guided my spirit to its highest potential....always encouraging my individual adaptations for The Energy of Life® Visionary Acupressure teachings. I'm thrilled and grateful with the "miracles" that my clients are reporting, both in person and remotely. My healing practice was officially birthed last week!!...only 1 1/2 years from my first Energy of Life Visionary Acupressure class. [A businessman from Bhutan] was blown away with his Acupressure session and I eventually used him as a pilot client for remote healing…'Thank you' seems mighty small for this, oh so precious, gift."

JoAnn W., Practitioner

EOL Visionary Acupressure continues to be a wonderful support tool for both myself and my clients. It greatly enhances energy flow to allow gentle openings to take place, freeing an individual from commonly held stress patterns and enabling the healing process. Many thanks to Aaron and Sue for sharing your gift.

Donna L., Healthcare Practitioner

“The EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process for Creating A Life You Love Workshop Series has drawn all of the spiritual experiences I’ve had over the years into a single unit; now all the puzzle pieces fit. The growth and awareness that I have experienced is only the tip of the iceberg, I know this is only the beginning. My life has been changed in a subtle and yet extremely profound way. [This has been] a life changing experience on many levels and dimensions.”

Elizabeth A., Montessori Teacher

“The EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process for Creating A Life You Love Workshop Series is a journey of self-discovery and how to have the tools to live the life you dreamed of. Some of the most valuable techniques I learned were discernment, and awareness of, [and resolving], belief systems that can derail you. I also learned forgiveness of myself. And, oh yes! My intuition has improved considerably. I also learned that when you get to the Root Cause, you’re golden!“

Marcia N., Registered Nurse

“The I.D.E.A.L. Process classes are excellent. It will change your life. Understanding energy and learning discernment changed my life. What was surprising to me is that I have been using my intuition and was not aware of it, and that I realized some things I need to change. Hearing everyone’s stories and experiences was very unique and positive for me.”

Pat L.

“The I.D.E.A.L. Process workshops are life changing. I have found my life partner, and my work and family relationships are all changed. The exercises for intuition reminded me to DISCERN and stay out of my head. Excellent!”

Cheryl R.

“Very inspiring, with tools that bring results.”

RH, Healthcare Practitioner

“A blessing to the holistic community—and a bridge for the AMA to cross.”

P.W., Healthcare Practitioner

“Superior to any other classes and workshops I’ve ever taken.”

M.L., Healthcare Practitioner

“I find it exciting that I can resolve an issue within a few minutes.”

Mary, Intuitive Healer

“I learned techniques that are much gentler for my clients and less invasive, to achieve BETTER results….A very positive learning experience.”

Ruth Baker, Massage Therapist

“Many rather simple but extremely effective techniques. Upledger is very good at their model, but this is a much more creative enhancement. Much appreciated!

K.K., CST/Healer

“I love the tangible [techniques] to combine with the energy work. The results are amazing! Sue and Aaron are so amazing. Right to the point, yet gentle.”

A.G., LMT/Energy Healer

"Thank you for two wonderful eye-opening classes. [They are] a perfect mix of lecture and hands-on experience. After attending two of your workshops, the drive [NY] doesn't seem that long anymore. And of course is well worth it."

Barbara Lewinter

"I feel so relaxed, the most comfortable in my own skin that I ever have been. But the best thing about your workshops is the amazing feeling of empowerment that one is left with. I don't feel so helpless and at the mercy of the 'all knowing' medical community. I now know that I can help myself and my family. For that I humbly thank you."

Lynn M. Oelgart

"This far outranks any [workshop] I have been to. Everything was so on point for me."

Jacquelyn Bridge

"Nothing similar [to this workshop experience] exists....It exceeded my expectations!"

Personal & Business Coach

"Empowering the individual is a joyful thing to behold! Thank you! All the different ways of working [you taught us] make me feel anything is possible!"

Workshop participant

"You are both terrific. This was a very professionally run program. The focus on individuation really hits home.... Very enjoyable and enlightening...I loved it."

Steve Gaudreau
Training Consultant

"Learning where my sacred heart is, and how to physically tap into it [was most valuable]. Excellent workshop, [and the overall experience was] informative, relaxing, energizing, and moves at a good pace to keep interest and allow the introduction of a lot of information."

Kathryn Walton
regarding Discernment Workshop

"Every technique is new and invaluable in my [healing] practice and everyday life...Practical as well as spiritual."

J.I., Reiki Healer/RN

"I wish I could use [these techniques] on my clients, but I'm a psychotherapist. [Aaron & Sue] are great teachers, professional, serious & loving"

Katherine Blake

"Sue and Aaron have changed my life in many wonderful, positive ways. I am very grateful for their sharing... All of the techniques are so valuable..."

Nancy Beaman


Client # 9173
Male age 88

Complaints: Vertigo, Frequent Night Urination. Reading with Sue. 2nd healing session with Aaron: walking without his cane. 4th Healing Session with Aaron: frequent night urination problem gone, vertigo gone. Comment: client continues a tri-monthly visit, which he considers to be a "tune-up".

Client # 7241
Female age 36

Complaints: Digestive Problems, Right Knee Pain, Hip Pain. Reading with Sue. 4th healing session with Aaron: knee and hip pain gone. 8th healing session with Sue: digestive problems and emotional issues gone. Comment: continues to progress in her personal and spiritual growth.

Client # 8149
Male age 65

Complaints: Bi-lateral Glaucoma, Prior Surgery and Medication Unsuccessful, Pain from Hernia Surgery. Reading with Sue. 2nd healing session with Aaron: eye pressure down to normal in both eyes for the first time in two years; pulling and pain from the hernia surgery is gone.

Client # 8567
Female age 42

Complaints: Panic, Anxiety, Family Issues. Reading with Sue. Third healing session with Sue: family issues and anxiety affecting her far less. 6th healing session with Sue: doing well, even around family. Positive changes noticed by husband and others. Feeling healthy and energetic.

Client # 3934
Child age 6

Complaints: Degenerative Eye Disease (Amblyopia) Left Eye, Vertigo, Clingy and Overly Dependent on Parents. Reading with Sue. 2nd healing session with Sue: polka dots of sight in left eye; vertigo is gone. 3rd healing session with Sue: eye doctor confirms eye improvement. Six months and several healing sessions later, the left eye has improved from 20/100 to 20/30 vision as confirmed by the eye doctor. Parents have noticed greater independence and less clingy or fearful behavior by their daughter. Two weeks later: full peripheral vision is restored with this session. Comments: Her vision continues to improve.

Client # 5958
Female age 28

Complaints: Digestive Problems, Allergies, Sinus Problems, and Systemic Candida despite Numerous Candida Treatments. Reading with Sue. Following her homework from Sue carefully, and after 15 sessions at The Way to Balance, LLC, all symptoms are gone.

Client # 5652
Female age 41

Complaints: Herniated Disc on Three Sides of C6, C7 per Neurologist, Impinging on Nerves of the Left Shoulder and Arm. Scheduled for surgery in two weeks. Herniation resolved in 1st session with the EOL Process; her surgery is canceled. Comments: Still an occasional client for maintenance, no further pain from the cervical spine.

NOTE: Aaron has successfully resolved many dozens of herniated discs (a sizeable number of which were scheduled for surgery) in the several years, using the Energy of Life Healing Process. Several discs had been herniated for two or more years.

Client # 2430
Female age 34

Complaints: Tension in the Neck, Shoulders and Back; Numbness in the Arms, Hands, Fingers When Asleep for past Seven Years; Also Complaints of Anxiety and Nervousness. Reading with Sue. After the 8th session at The Way to Balance, LLC, all tension and pain is gone, all numbness is gone. Anxiety and nervousness is significantly reduced.

Client # 9567
Male age 30

Complaints: Whiplash of the Neck, Back, Lower Back Due to an Automobile Accident; Bilateral Foot and Ankle Swelling. Previous medical treatments, chiropractic and physical therapy have not been helpful to this point. After 12 healing sessions at The Way to Balance, LLC, all symptoms were totally resolved.

Client #0501
Female age 4 months

Complaints: Sensitive to Mothers Milk, Does Not Sleep Well, Constant Colic and Crying since Birth. Reading with Sue (fear pattern established at six to seven months in gestation per reading). Initiated healing work for 15 minutes at the end of the reading with Sue. The parents followed the "homework" guidelines carefully to resolve candida/yeast in the baby’s colon and esophagus. At second session, mother reported significant improvement (much less crying, fussing) since the initial visit. The second session resolved all issues.

Client #9106
Female age 40

Complaints: Asthma since mid-teens, using bronchio-dialators (often 4-6 times daily), and cortisone by nebulizer morning and night. Reading with Sue, began "homework" guidelines immediately. 6th session at The Way to Balance, LLC: large improvement in breathing capacity, uses bronchio-dialator once or less daily; uses cortisone/nebulizer once or less daily. Still progressing.

Client # 0684
Female age 45

Complaints: Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Migraines, Memory Loss, And Occipital Neuritis. Reading with Sue. Client began her homework responsibilities immediately. At the third healing session with Sue, she reported feeling like a new person, her vitality and energy are returning, and her husband is having a hard time slowing her down! Memory and focus are returning, occipital neuritis and other body pain significantly reduced, migraines significantly reduced. She is continuing with her healing sessions.

Client # 6194
Female age 33

Complaints: Hearing Loss and Tinnitus in Left Ear. Traditional medical approach did not help her. Following six sessions at The Way to Balance, LLC, all hearing is restored, and tinnitus resolved.

Client # 6175
Female age 56

Complaints: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Joint Pain. After one session at The Way to Balance, LLC, all joint pain was gone. Two weeks later, she returned with results of a new blood test from her doctor, confirming no blood markers for arthritis. Aaron and Sue have successfully treated dozens of joint pain and arthritis cases.

Client # 2276
Female age 6

Complaint: Scoliosis diagnosis by physical therapist and pediatric MD. After two sessions with Aaron, the medical doctor found no signs of scoliosis.

Client # 4810
Female age 47

Complaint: Scoliosis since diagnosis at age 13. After five sessions at The Way to Balance, LLC, she is 1 inch taller, her scoliosis is virtually gone, and her back is much straighter and looser.

Client # 2216
Female age 42

Complaint: Migraines two to three times weekly. Migraines were gone with the first session; client was seen 6 months later for tension and stress issues. No further migraines.

Client # 4810
Female age 21

Complaint: Daily Headaches for 6 years, despite treatments by a variety of medical doctors and specialists. Her headaches were completely gone with the first session at The Way to Balance, LLC; follow-up sessions were for other issues and stress.

Client # 9963
Female age 39

Complaints: Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Diagnoses, 13 years of traditional medical treatments unsuccessful. By the end of the 1st session, all Fibromyalgia pain was gone for the first time in 13+ years. At the end of the 6th session, all emotional issues and Chronic Fatigue were resolved. 2+ years later, client reports she still feels great, and has had no recurrence.

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