Alternative Healing
20th Anniversary Celebration

Half-Day Workshops

By Sue and Aaron Singleton

Workshop TITLES:
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  • Create YOUR Egyptian Journey with The Rings of Oden
  • Crystal Vortices to Transport You to Ancient Egypt
  • Electro-Magnetic Fields: Unseen Cause of Illness
  • Introduction to Stone Play: Crystal Vortices for Fun, Healing and Transformation
  • Introduction to Energy Concepts and Theory
  • Intuitive Healing Circle with Aaron and Sue Singleton (or Aaron Singleton
  • )
  • Pyramids as Energy Frequency Generators
  • Saqqara: Andromeda Connection
  • Saqqara: Temples of Initiation
  • Sex & Spirituality: What You WANT to Know!
  • Sound Therapy: Healing With Resonance
  • Temple of Isis: Initiation into the Holy of Holies
  • Temple of Horus: Initiation into the Holy of Holies
  • Walk the Initiate's Path and Learn Ancient Egyptian Hand Positions


Create YOUR Egyptian Journey with The Rings of Oden

This is an empowering experiential Playshop, during which special energy frequencies will enable meditative healing opportunities associated with Ancient Egypt. Using powerful sacred geometry formations with The Rings, Aaron and Sue Singleton will help you experience the energy of many Sacred Egyptian Sites, such as Saqqara, Temples of Horus, Isis, etc.

They will re-create the resonance of the Queen and King's Chambers, and you can experience lying in the legendary sarcophagus! Attendees often report amazing spontaneous past-life memories during this Playshop. A terrific opportunity to play with the Rings in an Egyptian theme, or as an introduction to a few of the capabilities of the net-neutral ionic technology with the Rings of Oden, for those not yet familiar with them.

Crystal Vortices to Transport You to Ancient Egypt

In this unique meditative experiential Playshop, you'll experience your own Egyptian Journey using Stone Play Crystal Vortices to experience the energy of sacred Egyptian sites and pyramids. The Stone Play layouts are among the Singletons' latest innovations applying non-force energy technology using a variety of crystals, including citrine, hematite, quartz, amethyst, garnet, unakite, etc. Included in the energy experiences with the crystals in sacred geometry formations:

  • Processional Chakra Awakening
  • The Great Pyramid
  • The Great Step-Entrance to The King's Chamber
  • The King's Chamber
  • The Sun Temple of Niuserre

Electro-Magnetic Fields: Unseen Cause of Illness

It is common knowledge that nearly 85% of the human body is water, and that magnetic and electro-magnetic fields affect water's electron spin. Cell phones, television and computer screens are known to disrupt the pineal gland's ability to produce the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin. EMFs can cause headaches, fatigue, hyperactivity, allergies, immune dysfunction, brain tumors, cancer, emotional issues, plus disrupt brain and glandular function, sleep, and more. Which type of EMFs are naturally occurring and safe? Which ones can harm you? What is YOUR personal EMF load? What tools or crystals can help you? Empower yourself to understand and mitigate EMF dangers.

Introduction to Stone Play: Crystal Vortices for Fun, Healing and Transformation

Stone Play is all about using natural crystals in sacred geometric patterns, in order to create energy vortices and patterns for fun, healing and spiritual transformation. Whether you already love natural crystals, or are trying to re-kindle your child-like spark for fun, or want to learn more healing and transformation techniques, this Mini-Playshop is for you! Experience, and learn crystal layout patterns to create energy vortices, heal/balance your 2nd chakra, take the Great Step inside the Great Pyramid, explore Stonehenge, help release vaccine residues, meditate at Egypt's Sun Temple of Niuserre, and more!
Bring a friend....let's play!

Introduction to Energy Concepts and Theory

This class is typically taught upon request and is customized to the needs of the organization. It frequently complements a viewing of the movie, What The Bleep Do We Know?!, or a discussion of "energy work" to complement massage therapy training. It combines experiential exercises with concepts and theories, including traditional Oriental Medicine, Pranic Healing, Chi Kung, physical trauma remaining in the body after injuries or surgeries, Chakra energy concepts, and more. The classroom materials also typically provide resources and after-class reading regarding "energy as science".

Intuitive Healing Circle with Aaron and Sue Singleton (or Aaron Singleton)

Discover your answers and release the cause of your physical or emotional pain through this dynamic group healing. You deserve to be happy, healthy and whole!

  • What is the real cause of your back and neck pain?
  • Are you dealing with anxiety, phobias or depression?
  • Do you have headaches or migraines?
  • What is the true cause of your allergies?
  • Do you have recent or old physical and emotional pain affecting your quality of life?
  • Do you feel stuck in a rut? Stressed out?
  • Is your body home to unhealthy, mutated bacterial or viral residues?
  • Do you have environmental toxins-petroleum, Teflon, pesticides, etc. in your tissues?
  • Do you suffer from chronic anxiety or depression?
  • Did you have DNA damage prior to this lifetime?
  • Are you ready to heal?

Join this powerful combination of ancient Egyptian and Atlantean wisdom and cutting edge science, that takes healing to a whole new level! It is not unusual for spontaneous healing to occur during this Intuitive Healing Circle experience with the Singletons. This may be the most eye-opening, and healing opportunity of your life!

Pyramids as Energy Frequency Generators

Transport your consciousness through space and time. Research suggests that the pyramids at Giza generate specific energy frequencies and a steady stream of negative ions, similar to the cleansing of a thunderstorm or crashing ocean waves. Join Aaron and Sue as they explore the amazing possibilities of the true function of the pyramids, then re-create these special energy frequencies in a meditative healing experience using sacred geometric patterns imbedded with net-neutral ionic technology.

Saqqara: Andromeda Connection

The Saqqara Step Pyramid and Complex in Egypt are a focal point for re-discovering who we are, where we came from, and what our life purpose is. "We came to this land on ships of light, bearing gifts of math, science, philosophy, and more... Do you remember? Were you among us? Were you among the people of Saqqara? This adventure includes Aaron and Sue Singleton sharing their past life memories as Menraa-Saras and Menkaana-Saras, as well as helping you awaken your own connections to your soul's past.

Saqqara: Temples of Initiation

In this empowering, meditative experiential class, Aaron and Sue Singleton will re-create the energy dynamics of several long-lost temples, using a variety of tools and techniques, including The Rings of Oden, and their own unique Energy of Life® Process. Transport your consciousness through space and time, as Aaron and Sue re-activate your dormant memories and ancient knowledge associated with the Initiate's journey at Saqqara.

Sex & Spirituality: What You WANT to Know!

This is NOT for the faint of heart! From laughter to "shake-up" of any pre-conceived notions! With spirited passion and joy, Sue unveils the truth of how sexuality and the spiritual path can be misunderstood. Do certain levels of spiritual evolution require sexual abstinence? Do sexual fulfillment and orgasm elevate or lower your spirituality? Homosexual versus heterosexual sex? How does sexual trauma get healed? Why are oxytocin and nitric oxide your friends? Sue will answer these questions, and more, as well as welcome the attendees' questions on this important topic. The class will also include some experiential exercises designed to help you enhance what you learn in class, to get in touch with any personal blockages or traumas that may be holding you back, and become empowered to make choices that are right for you. This workshop is open to all orientations, singles, and couples over age 21.

Sound Therapy: Healing With Resonance

Join Aaron for a resonating journey into your body, and explore the Quantum Mechanics of sound healing. Aaron will explain theory, and demonstrate sound healing with Tibetan bowls, vibra-tones, or other sound tools. How does sound do "healing work" in the body? What causes sound to turn from healing to harmful? What is Sound Resonance? What effect does sound therapy have on viruses, bacteria, parasites, emotions? Experience the healing effects of Sound Resonance on your bones, muscles, nerves, and more. The power of resonance can change your life!

Temple of Isis: Initiation into the Holy of Holies

Walk in the footsteps of Isis and unite with the sisterhood through 9 steps of initiation. Isis is the goddess who is Mother to all, and her great wings protect, serve and love. Awaken to your soul's journey in Ancient Egypt, empowered by Aaron and Sue Singleton's EOL tools and techniques in an empowering experiential workshop!

Temple of Horus: Initiation into the Holy of Holies

Awaken the Initiate in you and take your place in the great Hall. Stand before the entrance to the Holy of Holies and remember the journey via 7 steps of Initiation. Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, and represents the Christ incarnate, and the triumph of "Good" in the world. Re-discover your connections, and apply the Eye of Horus (all-seeing eye) energy to heighten your own intuition! A unique and powerful meditative and energy experience, which applies many of the Singletons' Energy Of Life® techniques that originated in Ancient Egypt!

Walk the Initiate's Path and Learn Ancient Egyptian Hand Positions

Join Sue and Aaron Singleton as they introduce to you what they believe is one of the biggest secrets yet to be discovered in the temple and tomb art of Ancient Egypt. Discover the secrets and power of the placement of the hands, head and body in the statues, temple and tomb art. The Ancient Egyptian Hand Positions are truly the origins of The Energy Of Life® (EOL) Integrative Healing Process, their process that they indicated many years ago came from Ancient Egypt. Among the many hand positions you will learn, and the Temples and Sites the Singletons will describe in connection with them:

  • To Clear & Balance the Chakras before entering Sacred Space
  • Kom Ombu Temple: Release Fears in order to Embrace Transformation
  • Sphinx: Open the Heart to Embrace Wisdom
  • Great Pyramid King's Chamber: Enhance Intuition
  • Temple of Isis: Birth a New Reality
  • Sun Temple of Niuserre: Receive Blessings
  • Saqqara Pyramid & Complex: Activate Inter-dimensional knowing, transcend time/space, and more!

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