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Group Healing and Distant Group Healing

Benefits of Group Healing and Intuitive Healing

What is Group Healing?
Group HealingGroup Healing with Aaron and Sue Singleton is a fascinating journey into healing. Group healing is a dynamic blend of ancient and modern wisdom with cutting edge science. Participants learn how to activate The EOL Integrative Healing Process - a unique energy flow pattern that awakens your body's cellular memory, enhances your intuition, and allows physical, emotional traumas and toxins to leave more easily.

Group healing combines Energy of Life (EOL) tools such as sound, color and light therapies to achieve very powerful results.

For example, The Rings of Oden can remove physical traumas and toxins of all kinds, and even help awaken your spiritual gifts. The vibration of the Tibetan Bowls can create deep resonance within your body, for healing on all levels. Color and Aromatherapies can be applied to match frequency ranges of lodged issues and facilitate their release.

Group Healing is like several individual healing sessions rolled into ONE dynamic session.

What can Group Healing Achieve or Resolve for Participants?
Group healing can help uncover the root cause of back, neck, leg, or abdominal pain, as well as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, headaches, anxiety, phobias, depression, sadness, frustration, or guilt issues. Whether a participant's mind and body traumas stem from events recently, years ago, or even lifetimes ago, participants in Aaron and Sue Singleton's group healing sessions have reported that their physical and emotional pain have simply vanished after their participation in a group healing. Group healing sessions range from one to three hours, and can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more.

What is Distant Group Healing?
Distant Group healing provides participants with the same benefits as in-person group healing. (See distant healing for important details regarding how distant healing works, plus clinical evidence of its effectiveness.) Group healing sessions can range from one to three hours, and can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more.

Group Healing Participants Can Learn the Answers to Questions like these:
  • Where in your body do you hold stress or anxiety?
  • What pain or tension patterns are in your body from previous injuries or accidents?
  • What common toxins are stuck in your tissues or organs? (Examples: vaccine residues, antibiotics, anesthesia, aluminum oxides, pesticides, steroids, MRI, X-ray, CT Scan)
  • Do you have bacterial or viral issues that never seem to go away?
  • Do you have karmic injury or illness patterns that affect your health today?

Discover your answers through a group healing session with Sue and Aaron Singleton. The EOL Integrative Healing Process activates a unique energy flow pattern that awakens your body's cellular memory and allows physical or emotional traumas and toxins to leave more easily.

Group Healing isn't just talk. IT IS HEALING. It helps you let go of what's holding you back!

Group Healing Participants will Discover:
  • How to achieve your radiant health with specific healing affirmations to help awaken and release stuck emotional energy from this lifetime and others.
  • Practical tools for releasing your body/mind traumas including fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, loss, grief, disappointment, guilt, shame, and stress in your life. These traumas may be recent, or years or even lifetimes old.
  • How appropriate resonance enhances the healing process.
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