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Natural & Alternative Health Care Remedies

We invite you to enjoy these other unique health and healing products and tools that Sue and Aaron Singleton have developed. Many of these products assist in resolving classic physical conditions, including hair loss, muscle injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.

Clients continuously tell us of new uses and great results based on their own experiments with our EOL products, so please share your experience with us as you discover new applications!

Should you be visiting our office and training center in Amesbury, we also invite you to review our extensive collection of other unique and high quality items for immune system support, body cleansing, botanical facial and body cleansers and moisturizers, as well as unique gifts.


Singleton Sea Plasma

DESCRIPTION: A variety of deep sea salts rich in mineral content are combined with various crystal and plant essences and undergo a multi-phase transmutation process. The solution is then programmed with specific BioMorphic Geometry" algorithms to enhance subatomic activity. The solution supports cellular vitality, mitochondrial function and repair, DNA signaling, hormone signaling, oxygenation and may help balance electrical signaling for the heart. Particularly helpful for re-mineralization of the body and restoration of a healthy Ph balance for those with chronic acidosis. Available in 2 oz dropper bottles. (4 oz. size coming soon.)

Size: 2 oz. bottle with integrated dropper

Price: $ 89
Singleton Sea Plasma

Net-Neutral Atomic Cell Salts

DESCRIPTION: Energy-enhanced transitional elements and sea salts are combined with specialized EOL compression techniques to more easily penetrate cell walls, stimulate repair of damage, and enhance hydration within and between cells. The solution supports nutrient intake and detoxification at a cellular and tissue level, and may increase oxygenation, cellular respiration and vitamin D absorption. Particularly helpful for electrolyte balancing and chronic dehydration.

SIZE: 1-oz bottle with bulb dropper

PRICE: $35

AVAILABILITY: Call The Way To Balance at 978-834-0341 for individual sale, OR BUY NOW in the Net-Neutral Ionic Tools for Healing Liquid Trio Set

Magic Heat Herbal and Aromatherapy Liniment and Healing Oil

DESCRIPTION: This energetic catalyst creates subcutaneous heat and healing for special problem areas. Many applications including muscle injuries/aches and pains, nerve and muscle degeneration, arthritis, chronic pain, tendinitis, fibromyalgia, varicose veins, sun-damaged skin, and more! Clients continuously tell us of new uses and great results based on their own experiments, so please keep us informed as you discover new applications!

Client Testimonial: "My spidery varicose veins went away, and the chronic swelling in my ankles was greatly reduced by the Magic Heat Liniment. It also greatly reduced the redness on my skin from old sun damage!" - Bobbie A.

SIZE: 4 oz. bottle

PRICE: $ 29
Magic Heat Herbal & Aromatherapy Liniment and Healing Oil

Sinus & Bronchial Rescue Aromatherapy

DESCRIPTION: A potent rescue aromatherapy formula for seasonal allergies, head colds, bronchial congestion and the flu. Intense anti-inflammatory heat allows mucous to clear more readily and gives the immune system a boost when it's needed most.

Simply apply at nostrils, sinuses, chest, apply inside ear with a Q-tip. Also very powerful respiratory support when applied to lung, bladder and wind-gate acupressure meridians.

HOT TIP: Apply on insect bites to immediately reduce itch and swelling!

SIZE: 15 ml. bottle

PRICE: $ 39
Sinus & Bronchial Rescue Aromatherapy

Original Formula Elixir for Aura Cleanse and Chakra Balance - Supports Clearing & Cleanse from Healing Sessions; Provides a Daily Boost

DESCRIPTION: Energetic Catalyst specially-formulated for Aura Cleanse and Chakra Balancing. A super-energized mixture of purified water, crystal essences, and God's love and light as infused with Aaron and Sue's Energy of Life Healing Process. Users have experienced "cooling of stressed areas of the body," "balancing and energy for body, mind and spirit," and "feeling touched by the hands of God." Highly recommended following use of EOL Anger Release, Fear Release, Loss/ Grief Release, Guilt/Shame Release or Chakra Activation Formulas to assist in cleansing the aura, chakras, and body of debris resulting from a healing session. Failure to properly clear the aura and chakras may result in re-absorption of the energies, emotions, etc. which you have released.

SIZE: 2 oz. bottle

PRICE: $ 19
Original Formula Elixir for Aura Cleanse and Chakra Balance

Fire-Light Patho-Clear Body Serum - Topical Systemic Pathogen Clearing for Illnesses & Parasites

DESCRIPTION: One of Sue & Aaron's most amazing formulas yet! Incredible results for systemic clearing and healing of virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites; also an anti-oxidant. Users have recovered from Tick-Borne Diseases (TBD), Parasites, Systemic Candida, Psoriasis, and MORE from this topical formula. Typically, even those most sensitive to standard TBD treatments can tolerate this well, as it activates throughout the body via the topical application. Due to its potent anti-pathogenic properties, it is beneficial for acute infections as well, such as the flu, colds, bronchitis and pneumonia. Currently, users are testing it for repair of diverticulitis, skin damage, warts, eczema and other rashes. Let us know what else it helps you with!

SIZE: 4 oz. bottle

Price: $ 99
Fire-Light Patho-Clear Body Serum

Brain Booster Herbal Formula - Supports Memory, Learning and Mental Focus

DESCRIPTION: Do you want to be clearer, more focused, have a sharper memory? This phenomenal brain-booster blend from Sue & Aaron provides amazing benefits for thinking clearer and sharper. Users have found they are less concerned about dementia due to this formula. Great results for studying/learning, focus and alertness have been reported by our clients. Especially beneficial for individuals who are in a work or study environment where they need to be absorbing new information, analyzing, learning, and making decisions. Or, for people who simply want to clear the daily brain fog! (NOTE: your brain fog may be worsened by EMF electro-magnetic fields from cell phones, electronics, wi-fi as well. The BMG EMF Release Cards and the BMG EMF Eliminator Mousepad are additional, very beneficial tools to clear/eliminate that aspect of brain fog. They are more fully described in the BioMorphic Geometry Tools for Healing Product Usage Guidelines and on our websites).

Price: $ 65
Brain Booster Herbal Formula

Energy Booster Herbal Formula - Supports Adrenals and Core Vitality

DESCRIPTION:This Liquid Tincture Blend is a wonderful adrenal formula that is adaptogenic (thus supports the energy and adrenal system in a way that does not over-stimulate), and provides a great energy boost as needed. Particularly beneficial for full days of work or study, after a night of little sleep, restless sleep, traveling, adjusting to time-zone changes, whenever you need a quick pick-me-up, as this herbal liquid tincture begins working immediately.

Price: $ 66
Energy Booster Herbal Formula

EOL Light Therapy Box

DESCRIPTION: The Light Therapy Box is a photon resonance enhancer that provides both direct and indirect absorption of light and color over a wide Htz range. It may be used for physical and emotional healing, spiritual blockages, to encourage healing of eye issues, endocrine dysfunction and more. It may be used during a healing session and is also available to purchase for home use. The Light Box includes full instructions, full-spectrum, ultra-violet and flashing strobe lights, 7 high quality colored glass plates and a photon-enhancing Ring of Oden, enabling a wide range of applications. (NOTE: This is a special order product, and is not returnable or refundable. Allow up to 6-8 weeks for delivery).

SIZE: 9" x 10" x 24"

PRICE: $ 499

AVAILABILITY: Call The Way To Balance at 978-834-0341

Prices do not include shipping/handling fees which vary based on size of product and order. Minimum shipping/handling per order is $6. Orders shipped to MA subject to additional 6.25% sales tax.

Statements about products appearing on this web site represent feedback and positive results from many users. They are not medical devices and do not claim to cure or treat any allopathic medical conditions. These statements have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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