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Egyptian Energy Healing Tools

The EGYPT STONE PLAY" Tools for Healing & Intention

OVERVIEW of Egypt Stone Play Tools:
For Egypt Stone Play", the crystals used in the Sarcophagus and The Queen's Chamber products were specifically activated with frequencies from Ancient Egypt by Aaron and Sue Singleton. These frequencies hold the energies of the three major chambers of The Great Pyramid-The Pit, Queen's Chamber and King's Chamber. A triangulation pattern of the 3 pyramids at Giza (Khufu-The Great Pyramid, Khafre and Menkaure) was then added to stimulate DNA healing on a cosmic and physical level.

The Sarcophagus - Open Tomb of Resurrection (also known as The Journey Stone)
Experience the ability to travel, without leaving your body! In addition to the energies described above, this Sodalite crystal is also embedded with the energy frequency of the famous Sarcophagus, enabling you to experience the effects of meditating in this transformational space! See full description of this product in the "Available Products & How to Purchase" section below.

The Queen's Chamber - Chamber of the Second Birth
A chance to start anew or graduate to the next level. In addition to the energies above, these Celestite and Garnet crystals have been charged and activated to recreate the experience of meditating inside The Queen's Chamber of The Great Pyramid.
See full description of this product in the "Available Products & How to Purchase" section below.

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Egypt Stone Play" - The Queen's Chamber, Chamber of the Second Birth

DESCRIPTION: A chance to start anew or graduate to the next level. These crystals have been charged and activated to assist the emotional self to be ready for healthy manifestation via the love and safety of the "second birth." The energy effect of working with these crystals is their amplification within the body of your thoughts, words, intentions, affirmations, will, etc. This prompts physical and emotional healing and the release of deep subconscious belief systems, present and past. (Instructions included.)

"I am willing to release the cause of my _________________."
Fear-Fibromyalgia-Anxiety-Heartache-Anger-Chronic Fatigue-Depression...
"I am willing to ____________________."
Live in joy-Trust my Inner Knowing-Be a vessel of joy for others-Open my heart...

SIZE: Specially-programmed Celestite and Garnet crystals (1 each)

PRICE: $ 25

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

Egypt Stone Play - Sarcophagus, Open Tomb of Resurrection

DESCRIPTION: Transform consciousness without leaving your body. Create a safe journey within self to know more intra-dimensional realities. Embrace this opportunity to transition from initiate to adept. This crystal has been charged and activated to assist you on your journey. You may intend a specific journey or dimension, or "whatever is for my highest good at this time." (Instructions included.)

EXAMPLES of Intention may include:

"I invite a safe journey to my empowered lifetimes in Egypt (or Lemuria, Atlantis, etc.)."

"I intend a safe journey to explore my soul's purpose in this lifetime."

"I hereby witness from my soul's highest perspective, my optimal choice (or decision) regarding __________."

SIZE: One specially-programmed Sodalite crystal

PRICE: $ 15

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

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