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Edgar Cayce was known as "the sleeping prophet", and was the most documented "Medical Intuitive" to date, with over 9,000 medical/health readings performed over a 40 year period. He was born in 1877 and died in 1945, at age 67. With no medical training and no high school diploma, his gift of prophecy and medical intuition while in a deep trance has helped tens of thousands of people over the years. He did not "heal" or touch people with treatment modalities. He provided them with valuable insights into their physical, mental and spiritual selves, and provided recipes and guidelines for them to use to become well again.

In their healing work, Aaron and Sue have discovered that many of Edgar Cayce's time-tested remedies and appliances have no equal. Where new developments and availability have come to light, The Way to Balance, LLC seeks to carry the most effective products, whether it be an outside company, or based on Sue's medical intuitive readings (The EOL Products). As earlier stated by Cayce, Sue's and Aaron's intuitive healing work also indicates that there is no singular manner in which to treat a particular illness or condition. Each person's root cause must be determined, and his/her particular course of treatment thus developed in order to heal it at its source.


Organic Ozonated Castor Oil Pack Set
Certified Organic, Cold Pressed "No Mess" Castor Oil Packs Edgar Cayce Castor Oil

DESCRIPTION: Updated version of the classic Edgar Cayce Castor Oil Pack, focused on quality ingredients and enhancements, and "no mess"! This combination uses certified organic cold pressed castor oil, together with ozonated organic castor oil, to enhance the detoxification qualities due to ozone enhancement for anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Thus, a more effective cleansing with less oil needed, and a convenient cut-away zip bag for easy use.

This highly energetic oil has been used for healing purposes for over 3,000 years. It draws energy and blood circulation to the area where it is applied, and draws lodged toxins out of the body. It is known to be effective for many aches and pains, liver and digestive system stimulation and cleansing/detox, psoriasis, eczema, and more. It is an important adjunct to an entire treatment plan for many other maladies. Remember, it is important to work at the root cause of an illness, and you may need additional tools and recommendations in your home treatment plan.

SIZE: Set includes a medium size ice bag for hot water (to avoid EMF from heating pads), 4 oz. bottle of organic castor oil, 3 oz. bottle of ozonated organic castor oil, 4" X 5" wool flannel inside a cut-away zip bag for easy application, instructions.

PRICE: $49

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

Edgar Cayce CasodaCasoda
Multi-purpose healing salve

DESCRIPTION: Castor oil & bicarbonate of soda salve which is effective when consistently applied, to heal viral and other types of skin conditions, calluses, moles, bone spurs, ingrown toe nails, etc. (Do not use close to the eyes.)

SIZE: 1 oz jar.

PRICE: $ 6.99

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

Detoxified Iodine
Unique organic iodine preparation for antiseptic, etc.

DESCRIPTION: Also known as Edgar Cayce's Atomic Iodine, this is very different from raw iodine! We have replaced Atomodine with this formulation in our Center. This new and improved organic formula, derived from sea algae, can be used as a versatile antiseptic for cuts, sores, minor infections, insect bites, as well as for iodine deficiencies. Cayce often recommended its use for glandular stimulation, immune system booster, and as an organ detoxifier. We recommend its use on a daily basis for up to approximately 45 days or as recommended by your practitioner. 1% concentration, 200 micrograms of detoxified iodine per drop.

SIZE: 1/2 oz.

PRICE: $ 20

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

Natural bronchial and sinus inhalant (Asthma, colds, etc.)

DESCRIPTION: This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Herbal treatment for gums and mouth

DESCRIPTION: Time-tested remedy for bleeding or inflamed gums, canker sores, halitosis, strengthening the gums and preventing tooth decay.

SIZE: 2 oz. bottle or 4 oz. bottle

PRICE: $ 10.99 (2 oz.) or $16.99 (4 oz.)

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

Mother Earth's Cough Syrup and Expectorant
Respiratory tonic

DESCRIPTION: All-natural therapeutic combination of hore hound (expectorant), wild cherry bark for respiratory distress, rhubarb as a mild laxative for cleansing the system, and wild ginger for toning the organs, etc. The best natural alternative for colds or the flu!

SIZE: 4 oz. bottle or 8 oz. bottle

PRICE: $ 9.99 (4 oz.) or $ 14.99 (8 oz.)

AVAILABILITY: Visit The Way To Balance, LLC Center, or call 978-834-0341 to order

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