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Distant Healing or Remote Healing Services

Benefits of Distant Healing, Remote Healing, Distance Healing

What is Distant Healing? (Also called Remote Healing or Distance Healing)
Distant HealingAccording to quantum physics, there is a unified energetic field that connects all things (people, animals, plants, etc.) Within this field, energy projected by a healer for close-range or distant healing is potentially identical. The intuitive or energetic ability of the healer is the determining factor in the quality of healing that occurs.

All major religions, including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, endorse and encourage the use of distant healing among their adherents. Distant healing is defined as "any purely mental effort undertaken by one person with the intention of improving physical or emotional well-being in another."*

*Excerpted from "The Effects of Distant Healing Performed by a Spiritual Healer on Chronic Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial" (Alternative Therapies, May/Jun 2009).

How Does Distant Healing Work?
Aaron and Sue Singleton have honed their ability to scan a client at a distance (via Medical Intuitive Readings and The Energy of Life Integrative Healing Process), to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual distant healing for each client.

Distant Healing often helps clients to lead healthier and more productive lives by resolving recent or chronic conditions. For example, remote healing may facilitate a reduction in pain from injury or surgery; ease childbirth for both mother and infant; and improve detoxification or clearing of chemicals, medications, X-rays, and MRI's. Other common conditions for which distant healing may be helpful include: physical release of stress, tension, recent or old traumas to bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and more.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE that Distant Healing works:
An article written by three renowned researchers details a double-blind randomized controlled study that reveals clinical evidence about the effects of distant healing. The purpose of the trial was to study the effects of distant healing performed by a professional Japanese healer on chronic pain. Read the article

Can I "feel" my Distant Healing During my Session?
Your ability to perceive or feel energy does not deter the effects of distant healing. Highly-sensitive clients will simply be more aware of the healing as it happens. Others may simply feel relaxed, or notice improvements over time.

How are Distant Healing Services Offered at The Way To Balance?

Distant healing at The Way to Balance is scheduled the same as for in-person sessions. For each distant healing session, Aaron or Sue are totally focused on the client, behind closed doors, for each hour-long distant healing session.

Typically, Aaron or Sue briefly converse with the client at the beginning and end of the session to establish goals and provide feedback. Telephone access during the session is not required, however. Telephone contact varies according to each client's personal needs and health or emotional condition. For example, clients undergoing medical treatments during the time of the session are being assisted with Remote Healing techniques, and are thus not on the telephone with the therapist.

Who uses Distant Healing services?

Hundreds of clients throughout the U.S. and internationally benefit from Sue and Aaron Singleton's distant healing services. Local clients tend to utilize distant healing when they are too ill to travel, or during inclement weather, or while undergoing and recovering from medical treatments or surgeries in a hospital, such as cancer radiation/chemo, hip knee replacement, heart surgery, etc. Coma, stroke, nursing home patients may all benefit from distance healing or remote healing sessions.

To schedule Distant Healing Sessions, please CALL US at 978-834-0341. (Scheduling is done only via phone.)

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