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What is CranioSacral Therapy?
CranioSacral TherapyCranioSacral therapy is a gentle manual and energetic method of evaluating and treating the whole body, targeting the central nervous system-the brain and spinal cord. A light touch (about the weight of a nickel) manipulates soft tissue to enhance the function of the Cranio-sacral system, the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. It also includes the bones of the skull, face and mouth (the cranium) down to the sacrum and tailbone.

The human skull is made up of 28 bones which are not fixed but can move slightly, thanks to a complicated system of flanges and beveled joints. Inside the skull the brain is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid. The fluid is secreted in the brain and from there flows out of the skull and down the spine, enveloping the spinal cord and the base of the spinal nerves. The brain is held between membranes and sheets of connective tissue, which pass down through the base of the skull to form the lining of the spinal canal and are attached at the end of the spine to the sacrum, which forms part of the pelvis (hence the term craniosacral therapy).

Practitioners believe that cerebrospinal fluid is pumped through the spinal canal by means of a rhythmic pulsation called the cranial rhythmic impulse, which is distinct from the cardio-vascular pulse or the breathing rhythm. As the bones of the skull are moving normally the cranial rhythm remains balanced, but any disturbance to them can affect the normal motion and consequently alter the cranial rhythm which, in turn, affects other functions. Typical examples of disturbance can occur at birth, when the bones of a baby's skull compress to allow her to pass through the birth canal, or can be caused by a later head injury.


A trained CranioSacral Therapist can feel the rhythm of the cranial pulse anywhere in the body, but principally at the skull and sacrum. In a healthy adult it is supposed to beat at six to 12 beats a minute, but this alters in the case of ill health. By holding and exerting very gentle pressure on the skull the practitioner can feel the rhythm of the cranial pulse and detect irregularities. Then with an equally delicate touch, he can manipulate the bones of the skull to restore rhythmic balance.

The aim of the treatment is to balance the cerebrospinal fluid and stimulate the body to heal itself.

How is CranioSacral Therapy Used at The Way To Balance?
At The Way To Balance, our practitioners may use CranioSacral Therapy either as a sole modality for a session, or as one of many modalities incorporated into an integrative healing session, to enhance the results and effectiveness of the session.

Conditions that CranioSacral therapy is often effective in treating or resolving:
  • Degenerative conditions
  • Head and spinal injuries
  • Migraine Headaches
  • TMJ Syndrome
  • Neurological dysfunction, and more

What Clients Are Saying

"After two Grand Mal seizures in six months, and no answer from the doctors, I came to The Way To Balance looking for answers. After three months [only four sessions] my EEG was not only normal, but looked like I'd never had a seizure." - S.G.

To schedule an individual appointment for CranioSacral Therapy Services, please CALL US at 978-834-0341. (Scheduling is done only via phone.)

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