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Look Beyond Your DNA to Experience Natural Healing

Biomorphic GeometryBioMorphic Geometry is a ground-breaking new science and technology discovered and developed by Aaron Singleton, Visionary Inventor/Intuitive Healer and Sue Singleton, Medical Intuitive/Healer, Co-Founders of The Way To Balance, LLC. BMG is based on the subtle energy principles of creating resonant frequencies through form, space, numbers and exact geometric proportion.

The Singletons’ extensive research and decades of hands-on energy work with thousands of clients has led them to discover and develop their new, free-form geometry that arranges key geometric components (including radii, diameters, arcs, chords, tangents, angles, triangles, circles, squares, rectangles, sine waves, symbols and numbers) in very specific placements and proximity to each other. This new science of BioMorphic Geometry - and the specific BMG Designs that the Singletons have created - enable a person to experience a shift within his or her conscious mind, unconscious mind, and body. This is because our human bodies - all the way down to the level of our DNA - can read and respond to the energy frequencies created by the BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) Design Cards and images help you resonate with the energy of the specific BMG design, in this case, to be happy, healthy and healed. SEE MORE on the BioMorphic Geometry (BMG)Tools page.

Workshop Title:
Restore Your Divine Blueprint - Look Beyond Your DNA

Instructed by The Energy of Life®, BioMorphic Geometry™, and Rings of Oden™ Founders, Aaron and Sue Singleton. An amazing day of transformation, focused on removing obstacles and transmuting critical life issues, in order to move forward more easily in our personal, professional and spiritual development. The Singletons incorporate BioMorphic Geometry™, some of their other Energy of Life® Transformative Tools and Techniques, Rings of Oden™, time-line regression, aromatherapy, Stone Play™ and much more, for a unique multi-dimensional experience with these master healers and teachers.

The Singletons have chosen a number of critical life issues to focus on moving past during this workshop: I am Worthy, Truth, Structure, Victimhood, Ego, Peace, Joy, Inner Harmony, I am, From the Heart of God to the Heart of Man, and Release Judgment.

  • Truth - explore the truth of who you truly are versus what you have been told
  • Structure - do you serve structure, or does structure serve you?
  • Victimhood - release your stories that keep you enslaved to your past
  • Ego - Let go of my Eggo! (ergo ego)
  • Judgment - release judgment to open the door to Truth

Participants say:

“This has been a powerful, life-altering day! Thank you cannot adequately express my gratitude…”

“This is hands-down the BEST workshop I have ever experienced. And, I have been to many, many workshops over the years.”

BioMorphic Geometry: The New Science of Healing

Inventor, Visionary and Intuitive Healer Aaron Singleton teaches you how to apply the new BioMorphic Geometry" (BMG) prototypes in your daily life. This new science uses geometric shapes, algorithms, arcs, chords, angles and numbers in very specific placements and proximity to each other, to interact with our consciousness and unconsciousness. The Balance Card, a Master BMG design, is unique in its ability to create a carrier wave which picks up the holographic imprint of crystals, oils, herbs, homeopathy and supplements, and transfers their unique frequencies into the body, DNA, bioplasmic field and aura. The Balance Card easily clears physical, emotional and energetic imbalances from our bodies and energy fields.

The BMG Restore Your Divine Blueprint Cards help transmute critical life issues to assist us in moving forward in our personal, professional and spiritual development, and thus may be key to more rapid spiritual healing and development. These specific six designs emit frequencies that light up conscious or unconscious areas that are blocking us from experiencing these states of being: Joy, Inner Harmony, Release Judgment, From the Heart of God to the Heart of Man, Peace, and I am.

In this workshop you will:

  • Receive 3 hours of transformative healing
  • Learn how the Balance card projects the energy of crystals, essential oils, etc. directly into the body
  • Feel the resonance of various BMG card alignments on the body
  • Experience dialing in the specific frequency for pain and tension relief
  • Explore combining various healing tools with BMG
  • Discover the power of BioMorphic Geometry, the healing science of the future

If you already own some of the Singletons' BioMorphic Geometry cards,you will learn even MORE ways to apply them in your daily life. If BMG is new to you, you are in for a great adventure as well!


BioMorphic Geometry (BMG) Master BALANCE cards Kit (Set of 2)

DESCRIPTION: Evolve Consciousness, Body and DNA With Ease by Creating Resonating Morphic Fields Designed to Transmit Data to your DNA and Bioplasmic Field for Rapid Healing.

The BMG BALANCE Design Cards Kit complements the RESTORE YOUR DIVINE BLUEPRINT: Introduction to Biomorphic Geometry Design 6-Card Kit and other BioMorphic Design Card Kits

SIZE: Photo shown is NOT to proper scale, and thus does not transmit the energy frequencies of the actual card.

PRICE: $51 Two BMG BALANCE Cards Kit and Product Usage Guide

The BMG Restore Your Divine Blueprint 6-Card Kit

DESCRIPTION: The Singletons have chosen these six introductory cards to help transmute critical life issues so that we may move forward in our personal, professional and spiritual development.

These critical issues (and corresponding BMG Cards in the Kit) include: Peace, Joy, Inner Harmony, I am, From the Heart of God to the Heart of Man, and Release Judgment.

The cards send frequencies that light up unconscious and conscious areas within that are blocking us from experiencing that state of being. For example, you may experience sensations or energy movement to the heart and chest when using the Joy card, showing where your body is inhibited from fully experiencing Joy. If Release Judgment draws your attention to your lower pelvic abdomen, this is where your blockages to freedom from judgment are held.

It is not important that you feel, see or know anything at all when using the cards. The body, unconscious or conscious mind, DNA and bioplasmic field all read the resonating biomorphic field emitted by the card. The frequencies in the cards allow for the shift to take place by your simple willingness. Hence, before beginning, it can help to relax and let go, offer a brief prayer or meditate about your willingness to resolve imbalances.

The dimensions of each design are critical to the accuracy of the BMG cards and their ability to influence the body, brain, DNA and bioplasmic field.

PRICE: $49 Restore Your Divine Blueprint Set of 6 Cards and Product Usage Guide

For a complete list of all BioMorphic Geometry Tools currently available, click on the BioMorphic Geometry Products button on this website.

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