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20th Anniversary Celebration

The Rings of Oden Workshop Series

The Medicine of the Future is Here!

The Rings of Oden Workshop Series currently features three modules:

  1. The Rings of Oden Module 1: New Technology for Quantum Healing
  2. The Rings of Oden Module 2: Soar to New Heights!
  3. The Rings of Oden Module 3: The Ultimate Journey in Connecting to Source!

The Rings of Oden - MODULE 1: New Technology for Quantum Healing
The Rings combine Sacred Geometry, DNA Re-Patterning, Crop Circles, and Cell Microbiology concepts as part of a revolutionary technology, "Net-Neutral Ionic Energy". Their energy vortex opens stuck areas, increasing light resonance in the body. This causes denser, "stuck" areas to open and flow normally.

The spiraling vortex of energy created by the Rings is adaptable to numerous healing applications for both practitioners and laypeople.

Participants learn the history behind their creation, experience single, multiple and sacred geometric patterns for self-healing with the Rings of Oden, and also learn to utilize the Rings for increasing their healing potential working on others.

Experience configurations to enhance mental clarity, endocrine and chakra balance, immune system function, cleanse and strengthen the liver, gallbladder, lungs, kidneys, enhance intuition/3rd Eye, reduce stress and relax muscles, and much more.

Unleash the power of this versatile, multi-dimensional new energy source! Participants also receive special discounted pricing for purchase of the Rings on the day of the workshop. (This Module is prerequisite for Modules 2 & 3)

The Rings of Oden - MODULE 2: Soar to New Heights!
This extensive class and supplement includes well over 50 new, advanced Sacred Geometry configurations, 20 new "On-the-Body" formations, etc. Learn layering techniques with multiple Ring configurations, and new advanced multi-dimensional stacking configurations, such as Sacred Sites and Temples, new Light-Body configurations, configurations for releasing Diagnostic Testing Residues (X-Ray, MRI), and EMF, Electricity, protocols for helping many illnesses and conditions. (Module 1 is prerequisite for Module 2)

The Rings of Oden - MODULE 3: The Ultimate Journey in Connecting To Source!
The long-awaited sequel to Modules 1 and 2 is here! This is the most extensive supplement and collection of Sacred Geometry Configurations ever, with over 190 new formations: 35 to help you better facilitate physical healing; 33 to assist your light-body transformation; 29 to enhance meditation; 27 to help optimize the release of illness residues; 20 for journeying to sacred sites and temples, etc. Learn to use ancient healing technologies from Egypt, Atlantis, Lemuria, etc. And, for the Initiate in you, advanced formations you must customize with each session. Powerful configurations for use in groups, meditation circles, and MORE! (Modules 1 and 2 are prerequisite for Module 3)

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NOTE: Rings of Oden training may be available where you live!
Instructors besides Sue and Aaron are available for Modules 1 & 2:
  • Arizona: Barbara Madding
  • New Hampshire: Andrea Carta
  • Connecticut & Virginia: Mike David
  • Rhode Island: Cheryl Gaglione
  • Additional instructors in process for New York State and Massachusetts!

    What Students are Saying:

    In starting my own healing practice, I find myself so very grateful to both Sue and Aaron as I realize that the healing methods and the integrity and love with which they do their work is a guiding light for me and the foundation upon which I am building my practice. Both their classes (the EOL I.D.E.A.L. Process series, the Rings of Oden, Stone Play) and the energy [healing] sessions over the years have given my body-mind-spirit a new attunement of consciousness from which to experience life more fully aware. My body and subtle bodies have been "de-cluttered" from so many of the limitations that have stopped me in the past and I have a sense of spaciousness and possibility that fuels each day. I also have a wonderful set of tools and healing language to help process my own issues as they arise as well as those of my clients. My clients often ask me where I learned a particular healing technique and I always smile and say, " from Sue and Aaron Singleton, two extraordinary healers that I had the privilege to work with in Amesbury, MA."
    - BJM Prescott, AZ

    Since I was 15, I've been dealing with back pain. Then at 20, I fell two stories and suffered compression fractures in my vertebrae-even more severe pain. I couldn't sit through a movie without spending a day or two on my back. I attended the Rings of Oden Workshop as my first class at this conference after a painful 6 hour drive here. I am now without pain. Totally. Completely. I am on overdrive from my new-found freedom. The Rings of Oden are amazing, incredible and awesome. Thank you so much for the work you do.
    - Rose Della Valle, Dover, Delaware

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