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Cromwell, CT: Better Breathing and Freedom from Respiratory Allergies, Sinus and Lung Irritation - A Medical Intuitive Group Healing with Sue and Aaron Singleton

This is a 2 1/2 hour in-person Medical Intuitive Group Healing with world-renown Medical Intuitive/Healer Sue Singleton and Visionary Healer/Intuitive Aaron Singleton. There are THREE types of participation available:

  • Attend in-person. If you are registering more than one person, or signing up someone other than whose name is on the PayPal account, please type the name of the second person in the blank field. To attend in-person, please click here
    Name, if different or >1
  • Participate remotely while you relax at home, or wherever you are. Please note there is no log-in or teleconference, simply be willing to receive the healing. It may help to be in a quiet space or meditative state. To register for remote, please click here:
    Name, if different or >1
  • Remote Healing for your PETS. Register your pet by name and tell us what species (dog, cat, horse, turtle, rabbit, etc.) in the blank field. To register your pet for remote, please click here:
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This Medical Intuitive Group healing is for YOU if you:

  • Would like to experience deeper, fuller breaths
  • Seek improved mobility without fatigue
  • Want to increase your stamina and endurance for climbing stairs, walking and other activities
  • Desire to increase your athletic performance, physical performance and improve recovery time from physical exertion
  • Need improved blood oxygen levels
  • Have asthma, emphysema, pleural effusion or COPD
  • Suffer from seasonal allergies, sinusitis or rhinitis
  • Have ever had surgeries to the nose, sinuses, brain, tonsils, throat, back, shoulder, appendix, chest, lungs or heart
  • Ever had hiatal hernia, umbilical hernia, or acid reflux
  • Received invasive medical tests or procedures to the throat or chest, including bronchoscopy, lung tap, tracheotomy, etc.
  • Have a history of bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, laryngitis, severe colds
  • Have a history of sinus or ear infections
  • Are a past or present smoker, or have been exposed to second-hand smoke
  • Have a history of exposure to pollution, fumes, gases, asbestos, fiberglass, plastics, petroleum (cold relief chest rubs), bleach, ammonia
  • Are sensitive or allergic to mold/mildew, perfume, dust, grass, pollen, pets, etc.
  • Lived on or near a farm or city that used herbicides or insecticides
  • Use or have used lawn fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides
  • Seek to speak or sing with a clearer voice and improve the tone of your voice
  • Have/had chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or a history of mononucleosis

Overview of todays group healing focused on improving breathing and respiratory relief:

  • Open and relax all respiratory muscles
  • Thin and clear mucous from the sinuses, ears, throat, bronchi, lungs, etc.
  • Focus on clearing scar tissue, lesions, inflammation
  • Clear past and recent trauma and shock from physical injuries and surgeries
  • Manage and optimize histamine response
  • Re-set autonomic nervous system response
  • Clear residual smoke, pollutants, toxins, anesthesia, various chemicals, medications and other drugs
  • Focus on bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, O2 and CO2 exchange
  • Clear testing and treatment residues of chemo, radiation, x-rays, CT scans, MRI, mammograms, etc.
  • Clear residues of bacteria, virus, fungus, mold/mildew, candida, parasites, mycoplasma
  • Assist clearing of emotional shock, post-traumatic stress, stress/anxiety, frustration/resentment, sadness/disappointment, guilt/remorse, etc.
  • Clear the various energy fields in and around the body of incoherent data
  • Re-set anabolic and catabolic cycles involving respiratory function
  • Clear larynx, thyroid and relax throat muscles

Participant Comments from Past Medical Intuitive Group Healings:
"I used to be on 6 inhalers daily for over 20 years. After the 2 group healing sessions, I have not needed them. Thank you is not enough to say....Wow!"

"I didn't REALIZE I wasn't breathing deeply until you opened it all up! I guess I've been a shallow breather for a long time. I cannot remember the last time I felt this good."

"I feel like my breath goes way down to my lower abdomen now. I didn't even know that was possible!"

"Thank you for whatever it is you both did. My allergies have been much less since that group healing."

"Now that I am breathing more deeply, I feel really alert. I don't feel like I need my afternoon nap anymore!"

Aaron and Sue Singleton have the unique ability to resolve the sinus and lung issues (and many more concerns) for hundreds of people simultaneously, both in-person and remotely,
as well as remove head traumas, detoxify the organs, calm the nerves, release trauma and pain, resolve spinal and structural issues, migraines, sinus issues, repair emotional hard-wiring in the brain, again for hundreds of people simultaneously. Explore the full potential of energy healing, and have fun in the process!

This Group Healing may provide helpful insights for healing your unique situation. Join the Singletons for an opportunity to ascertain and resolve the ROOT CAUSE(S) of potential issues in your respiratory system, so that you may optimize your breathing and stamina. Clear unhelpful emotional patterns that produce frustration, anxiety and post-traumatic stress, and much more. The Singletons will select some audience volunteers on whom they will provide medical intuitive insights. Experience the ease, joy and fun of healing...Everyone receives healing.

Become one of the many who have received spontaneous healing with Aaron and Sue! You don't need to be ill or in pain to participate in this experiential. Simply relax, keep an open mind, be willing to receive, and allow healing to occur.

Date:  Sun. Oct 14, 2018
Time:  1:30 - 4:00 pm
Location:  Courtyard by Marriott - Cromwell, CT
Cost:  $65/person if paid prior to 10/9/18 by 4pm; $70 thereafter

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